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Models of the Runway: The Designers Shake Things Up

August 27, 2009 08:57 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway, the crossover program of Project Runway, begins where Project Runway ends as the models prepare for the inevitable loss of one of the models. The confusing part is that we already saw the traditional picking of the models last week, so when we see that on Project Runway this week we have a distinct case of Déjà vu. Even worse is that there is nothing the girls can do to save themselves except to schmooze with the designers a bit more this season to make a better impression.

The models watched as Malvin was “Auf” the show and his model, Valerie, was already worried she was headed out the door. The models now debated the pros and cons and several of the models were thinking their cleavage situation could be a hindrance.


Heidi met with the models and told the models that they had to do a bit more this season to stay from week to week and that their attitudes with the designers will play an important part of whether they stay or go.

The models then headed to some type of model boot camp to exercise, for what reason we don’t know as none of them were anywhere close to The Biggest Loser tryouts. Evidently, the models all could get other gigs while living in the model house and there was a whole lot of bitchiness going on between some of the models who were trying to jockey for position with the designers.


The models went to get picked by the designers for the next challenge and Heidi said that every designer had to choose models once again. A lot of the designers switched it up and chose different models, which sent the models wondering if they had done enough to stay. Mitchell’s choice of a different model had his new choice not happy since the guy had been in the bottom the last two weeks.


It came down to Erica and Valerie with Epperson and he chose Erica to work with at the next challenge, sending Valerie home.

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