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Project Runway: Mitchell Hall Dishes On His Almost Elimination

August 29, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Last Thursday, Mitchell Hall narrowly escaped elimination on Project Runway.  He spoke with PEOPLE via conference call about his performance on the show and how he feels about Malvin getting ousted.  Keep reading for more details…

When asked what happened with his shorts last Thursday, he told PEOPLE, ”I loved those damn shorts! [But] I think I could have stuck to something a little less obvious, a little less flashy and a little easier to make. I actually made very similar shorts for my audition in Atlanta and the judges there liked [them].”

As far as being kicked off, he said he was prepared to go home graciously. “I was told that I looked like a sad little puppy dog on the runway. I think that I didn’t go into the competition with enough knowledge about the actual show. I got there and went like, ‘Holy crap! All these people I’m actually designing with, they’re so serious about this. They spend everyday of their life sewing and I haven’t sewn in three years.’ So, I [was] staring down the runway thinking, ‘Send me home. Just let me go home graciously. Let me surrender.’ The hardest part was Malvin being kicked off. He was such a talented, innovative designer that it was really hard for me to see him go,” he said.

So is he satisfied with the way he’s been edited on the show?  “Definitely. That was my biggest fear that when the producers are doing the editing. I’m glad they took me as the nice guy — kind of a happy go lucky cheerleader for the other designers. I think that’s the way I would have liked to be represented,” he added.

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