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Big Brother 11: Broken Deal

August 30, 2009 06:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


After Russell was evicted from the Big Brother house, a new Head of Household competition began last Thursday that had the remaining houseguests falling off their feet.  On a slippery platform the four contestants eligible to win HOH were working to fill a 16 gallon glass bowl with a tiny mug.  And it was a very funny competition as feet flew in the air and the contestants splattered along the path.

Early on in the contest, Jordan was doing extremely well, but as time passed she got very tired and had a tough time keeping her balance.


Natalie could barely stay standing and was way behind in last place throughout the entire competition.  She was doing so badly that Jeff actually thought she was simply giving up and relying on Kevin to win for her.


At one point Natalie even dropped her cup into the main container and acted like it was far too difficult to get out.


The battle was truly between Michele and Kevin the entire contest.  It was a close match for quite some time until Michele started stumbling around and kept falling down.  Her constant tumbles easily gave Kevin a large lead, which took him to victory.


Tears Fall

After coming so close to winning HOH, Michele was very upset.  She went to one of the rooms by herself and cried because she felt very alone in the game.  But more tears flowed later when Kevin read a letter he got from his boyfriend for winning HOH.  Kevin said that was the first time he had ever cried tears of joy, which marked one of the highlights during his stay in the Big Brother house.

Fruit Confusion & Bug Battle

There’s obviously far less fighting and drama in the house since so many controversial loud mouths have already been evicted.  So to fill the full hour time slot, the producers gave us plenty of extra fun.  First up, Jordan had absolutely no idea about the difference between a peach and a nectarine.


Then moving on to the backyard, Natalie screamed in sheer terror as a big dragonfly buzzed about.  She was seriously scared of the insect and begged for Kevin to protect her from it. As she freaked out, the rest of the house laughed at her fear.  It was quite funny.

Natalie Plays Strategy

During a discussion in the kitchen, Natalie said that Michele should be targeted because she’s not a trustworthy player.  But this wasn’t all just Natalie trying to target Michele — this was a way for her to stay in Jeff’s good graces.  She was hoping that Jeff might see she is on his side even though she’s actually ready to send him packing.  That way she can get what she really wants without having the dirt on her hands after the deed is done.


Kevin Torn

Kevin wasn’t sure if it was smarter for him to target a loner like Michele or to dismantle the duo.  Jeff had in fact saved him from the chopping block last week so they could backdoor Russell.  That move was part of a deal that Jeff made in exchange for safety from eviction.  But Kevin wasn’t so sure he could fulfill his side of the deal.


At the Nomination Ceremony, Kevin went back on his word and nominated Jeff alongside Michele for eviction.  He said the main reason was because they were both solid competitors — there was nothing personal.

Let this be a lesson to all future reality television competitors — deals in games like Big Brother mean absolutely nothing.  Let your guard down and you get knocked out.

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