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HGTV Design Star: The Budget Sinks A Designer

August 30, 2009 08:25 PM by DA Southern


HGTV Design Star gives us the final four with a backyard makeover in what looks to be the first for Design Star. While Design Star looks for an Interior Designer, it seems a tad bit unfair to put a time-limit in a backyard design as that is usually a much more time-intensive process than a room. But the challenge goes on and by the end of the night; we will have one less designer to think about.

Host Clive Pearse gather the remaining four to tell them that they would be doing a backyard design and it was a huge project with a $25,000 budget. Torie designated herself as the team leader for the project and then they looked at the huge dirt pile that was their design challenge.


Day 1

The first had ten hours for the team to work and get a design in process. Team leader, Antonio, then organized the team and started gathering the elements for the project…wait, Antonio isn’t the leader, Torie is but the girl said nothing. As usual, the guys were doing all of the grunt work while the girls went shopping. Sure, there is no sexism going on here! Conveniently, with all of the prep work done and a mere half an hour left, the girls arrive back to the project fresh as when they left.

Day 2

Torie gave Dan $5000 cash for his and Antonio’s shopping at the beginning of day two and Antonio was concerned that there was not enough for the pergola that they would need. The girls were spending like there was no tomorrow, as well, and you could tell that the budget was surely going to be blown…another first for HGTV Design Star.

Dan signed the contract for the pergola and the budget was indeed blown as spent over $5000 more than Torie had allotted, leaving Torie fuming that she would be blamed, no doubt. Torie crunched the numbers and said that they budget was blown by $5000.00. Antonio took Torie to task for her lack of leadership and it did not look good for Torie to explain herself out of this one.


Clive arrived and found out that the budget was blown and pulled an additional $5000.00 out of his pocket so the designers could buy furniture for the family

Day 3

The team was much more buoyant as they immediately went about spending the rest of the money that Clive had given them; well Torie did as the rest of the team went about doing the bulk of the work. Antonio led the charge to the end as poor Torie, you know the team leader, listened to Antonio for design influence. That girl is so going home, unless the clunky pergola sinks the whole design, then it is bye-bye Danny boy.

Day 4 and Elimination Day

The four were lined up and shot for going over budget summarily ending this season of HGTV Design Star. Well, not quite so drastic, but we got to see the hosting of each of the designers on display once again and Torie had so disconnected herself from the project that she refuse to take any part in the actual blame for any part of the project. Probably if had turned out better, that would not be the case.


Loved Antonio and Lonnie with their hosting, Torie and Dan, not so much. The judges did appreciate the fact that they completed the project but thought that it was a lot of shopped stuff and not as much design as they would have loved to see. Candice Olson even said that there was no “Ahh-Ha” moment in the yard. The pergola became a huge sticking point and it was evident that Torie was going to suffer for it, but would the judges make her pay in the end.

The judges went back and forth about the budget item and it looked as though Dan and Torie were looking to be in the crosshairs of the judges, especially since the pergola was not that impressive.


Clive called out Antonio and Lonnie as safe and then said that Dan or Torie were in trouble. The budget was a huge issue and Dan was chastised for spending the cash but in the end, Torie took the hit for being a bad leader and it is definitely looking like a Antonio/Lonnie finale unless Dan does something spectacular.

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Photo credits: HGTV

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One Response to “HGTV Design Star: The Budget Sinks A Designer”

  1. nstyle Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Watch the show, Torie told Dan “That’s Ten Thousand Right There” and handed him the money. I’ts her fault the budget was over.


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