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There Goes the Neighborhood: Livin’ On Heart!

August 30, 2009 07:03 PM by Candace Young


Five core families are left on There Goes the Neighborhood this week on CBS – the Upshaws, the Nelsons, the Johnsons, the Schindlers, and the Mullennixes. As this new episode opens, the Upshaw family reflects on having ousted the Bussiere family in the last Neighborhood Challenge. They don’t feel that they should feel bad about having eliminated them – they say that the only thing that is certain now is that they’ll honor the pact they made with the Schindler’s. Can the core families stay close through this? Read on…

Rick Upshaw and Chris Nelson, who are good friends as well as neighbors, compare notes on how much weight they’ve lost and laugh about the highly implausible possibility of becoming old male models after the show ends.

Over at the Schindler’s house tensions between the two kids are rising. When they head outside to pay they hear the ice cream truck passing outside the wall. Pandemonium ensues as the ice cream man lobs free ice cream treats over the wall!

Host Matt Rogers calls the families together and announces that it’s mail day. Outside the wall, the postman begins to toss mailbags over the wall. Each family gets a bag containing 500 pieces of mail of which 10 belong to the family. The first to sort out their own pieces of mail will win the House Challenge! It becomes a real nail-biter when four families find 9 pieces of mail – ultimately, the Johnson family wins, meaning they will have an advantage in the Neighborhood Challenge!

The Neighborhood Challenge is set to begin – it’s the ultimate word game – looks like Scrabble. At the end of five rounds the winning family will be choosing two other families to put up for elimination. The Johnson family gets the advantage of going first, but in the end the Upshaws win for the second week in a row. They receive a backyard barbecue pit complete with a smoker.


After the challenge, tensions run high because during the challenge, the Mullennix family chose the Nelson’s to miss a turn twice, which led to them losing. An irate Chris Nelson added a ‘s’ on the word ‘queer’, which could have been taken personally by the gay Mullennix women. This has resulted in the worst tension to date among the ‘core’ families!

The Mullennix family visits the Schindler family to gab about whether or not they are really accepted by the core families. When Chris Mullennix says that they won’t be living in the neighborhood much longer, the Schindler’s are surprised they are taking things so seriously, but Chris clarifies that it’s a actually a money issue.

The Johnsons and Nelsons compare notes about the Mullennix family, noting that they’ve been a wildcard from the beginning. Chris Nelson says they need to get them out, so they need to go talk to the Upshaws. Cameron Johnson volunteers to have his family put up against the Mullennixes to get them out.

The Neighborhood Meeting convenes with host Matt Rogers asking about the controversy between the Nelsons and Mullennixes. Chris Mullennix, predictably, winds up crying and saying that she doesn’t feel a part of the core. Everyone but the Nelson’s raise their hand when asked if they feel vulnerabe tonight. Chris Nelson explains that he’s livin’ on heart right now. The Upshaws nominate the Johnsons and the Nelsons to get kicked out of the game. Everyone is stunned.


When it comes time to tally the votes, the Nelson family is kicked out of the game. The huge door opens and the family exits as the Upshaw family watches their friends leave in stony silence. Matt Rogers reminds that families that they are playing the toughest poker game ever with their friends!

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