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Dance Your Ass Off: The Final Weigh In

August 31, 2009 11:10 PM by Cindy Adams


On the finale of Dance Your Ass Off, the eliminated contestants returned to dance in one big group number and demonstrate the huge amount of weight they’ve all lost. Four hundred and twenty pounds lighter, the contestants shook their booties with pride! Also, one Dance Your Ass Off finalist wins the grand prize of $100,000!

Pinky was the first Dance Your Ass Off finalist to grace the dance floor and she chose to dance hip hop with Mr. Lucky to “Kiss Kiss.” She was smokin’ hot even though she injured her ankle during rehearsal. Her average score from the judges was a 9.


Ruben and Hilary were up next dancing country to the song “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).” Ruben kicked, lifted, and cowboyed it up and was all around fantastic! The judges loved it and his average score was 9.


Shayla and Mario chose a lyrical jazz routine to dance to “No Air.” Shayla looked gorgeous as usual and gave a beautiful performance. Mayte thought it was so great, she gave Shayla a 10, which made her average dance score a 9.3.


Meanwhile, the former contestants were each weighed and the one who lost the highest percent of body weight won $5k. It was down to Miles and Alicia—and Alicia won the prize losing 18.71% of her body weight! Wow!


Up next were Ruben and Hilary doing the Paso Doble to “When I Grow Up.” It was so cool to see Ruben do a technical dance to a Pussycat Dolls song! All three judges gave him a 10 and Danny said if he could give Ruben an 11, he would. His final dance score, including the country dance was a 9.5.


Shayla and Mario danced the Rumba to “If I Were a Boy.” Shayla has become a really great technical dancer and puts so much passion into every movement. She’s great! The judges thought she was sensual and raw, and her overall final dance score was 9.0.


Pinky and Mr. Lucky were up next dancing the Samba to “All Nite (Don’t Stop).” Pinky was rockin’—sprained ankle and all. She was in so much pain that she started to cry right after dancing. For the Samba she received a perfect score of 10! Her total average dance score was 9.5.


Finally, it came down to the final weigh-in. Shayla lost 2.29% of her body weight and when combined with her dance scores, her total score was 11.29. Ruben was next to be weighed and lost 3.03% of his body weight for an overall score of 12.53, which knocked Shayla out of the competition. Pinky was last to step on the scale and the percentage of body weight she lost was 2.73, giving her a total score of 12.23, which was just short of Ruben.


Thus, Ruben was the big winner and he deserved the grand prize of $100k!


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