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Jon & Kate: Dude Ranch

August 31, 2009 07:46 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s no longer about the parents.  TLC has creatively focused their attention away from the drama surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin by honing in on the kids.  In tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the boys traveled to a dude ranch in Wyoming while the girls stayed back at home with Jon.

Off To Wyoming

Scenic Wyoming was the destination of choice for Kate and the trio of boys.  They spent several days at a dude ranch, which was entirely free of paparazzi.  One might think that a dude ranch could be a dirty place, but Kate obviously didn’t plan ahead too much.  She was wearing high heels and had the boys in sandals.


But that didn’t last for long.  After spending one day there, she got the family a whole new wardrobe featuring cowboy hats and boots.  It was time for everybody to ride horses, which was an interesting experience to watch.  Kate was worried about it whereas the boys only seemed concerned about all of the horse poop.


Lions Den & Shooting Range

The next day, Kate and the boys went for a hike through the wilderness to see a mountain lion den.  The boys found a deer hoof and thought it was really cool.  One of them picked it up and said, “Let’s bring it home and show the girls.”  When they got to the lions’ den, there were dozens of bones lining the rocky ground.  It looked really cool and was something the kids loved.


The next day, Kate went to a shooting range at the dude ranch.  She fired a whole box of bullets while joking that it might be fun to shoot at pictures of particular people or some of the current tabloids.


Yum…Chicken Feet

The last night of their trip they watched a rodeo and chowed down on some interesting grub — chicken feet.  “Okay seriously, there were toenails,” Kate said.  “It makes me so sick,” Kate gagged.  Then a guitarist sang them into the sunset around a campfire.


Back In PA

While Kate was on her cowboy adventures, Jon was back at the house with the girls.  They went to the dentist, had a scavenger hunt and even played dress up.  After some convincing, Jon even got involved an put on a pink dress with a white hat.  “Look at daddy,” the girls giggled.

With the most-recent episodes, one thing is certain — Kate is far more entertaining to watch than Jon.  Her segments on the show are longer and far more exciting than the fraction of time Jon spends on screen.

Images courtesy of TLC.

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One Response to “Jon & Kate: Dude Ranch”

  1. Christine Navratil Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 5:09 am

    You would have thought that Jon would take the kids to the dude ranch and Kate would have a girls day…It seems like Kate is always the one going places and doing things and Jon just sits around on his butt.


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