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America’s Got Talent 09/01/09: The Semi-Finals Begin

September 01, 2009 08:06 PM by Paulene Hinds


For the past ten weeks, over one hundred million Americans have witnessed the biggest talent search in the world on America’s Got Talent and last week the quarter-finals came to a dramatic end. Tonight the competition reaches a whole new level as twenty acts are ready to battle for the ultimate prize. Ten acts performed tonight, who was your favorite?


It was a hot night on the show with the ten acts performing, hoping that they would be the four chosen tomorrow night to advance to the finals. Host, Nick Cannon introduced the judges and all three of them gave the performers some advice on how to get to the finals as the pressure was definately on for the acts tonight. The first act tonight was always aiming high as their success counted on it, Acro dunk! Tonight they actually jumped through fire and risked it all to make it to the finals. Wow it was a HOT show and they never missed a dunk! Piers Morgan said it was one of the most thrilling things he has ever seen on the show. Sharon Osbourne said that she thought it was exciting and their timing is perfect. David Hasselhoff said that the guys were on their way!

The next act was the Texas Tenors. I am not a fan of these guys, but hey…that is only MY opinion. The guys thought that their unique style of country and opera would be their shot to the top. Too Kareoke for me with their song tonight…ewwwww! Sharon gave the guys her phone number. David said that he can see the billboard with their names on it already. Piers said that they were over cheesy again tonight, but he thought it was brilliant.


Paradizo Dance came out and nailed it again tonight! They are so entertaining to me…I could watch them forever. Sharon wanted to0 see the love connection again. David said that he liked the beauty of their acts. Piers said that it was hard for them to follow the first two acts and he wants to see the impossible again of the young lady lifting her man.

Next up was the illustionist Drew Thomas. He had built everything on his own with his own two hands on a shoe string budget and now he was ready to head to Vegas and make his dream come true. His act had his daughter in it tonight whom he shares the summer with. He received one buzzer from Piers tonight, because he said he hated the act as the music was too slow and he felt that Drew Thomas was a one trick pony. Sharon consoled Drew’s daughter as she was crying after Piers comment. David said that it was nice to see his daughter in the act and the heart felt part of it tonight.

Tony Hoard and Rory hit the stage to perform their frisbee throwing act. Sharon received a lot of flack for putting this act through last week and they were hoping to show us why they were still here. I thought the act was very well done tonight compared to last week. Rory caught all the frisbees. Sharon said he was awesome and then everyone booed Tony’s boss for firing him for being on the show! David said that he loved the outfits. Piers said it was miles from the last performance.

The Voices Of Glory came out next and sang. They have such cute dispositions and the audience loves them. David said that the kids could bring the world together. Piers said that he likes what the kids stand for and it is an impressive thing to see. Sharon said the next time she sees the kids it will be at the finals!


The Fab Five had team spirit and couldn’t wait for their dad to watch them tonight. They made their father proud as they danced tonight, they were great as usual. Piers said that their dance was done incredibly well. Sharon commented that their energy and footwork is unbelievable. David told them that each time they are even better.

Grandma Lee, the crowd favorite came out on stage tonight and gave it up to the crowd. Sharon thought that Grandma Lee had it! David said that he was touched by her story and the fact that she can slay them. Piers said that Grandma Lee can get into his shorts any time.

Arcadian Broad danced tonight and felt that he knew what direction he was going in.  He was going to bring a partner into his routine tonight to help his performance sky rocket.  His routine was AMAZING! David said he loved Arcardian’s presentation. Piers said that he was happy there was no piano and he was asking himself whether Arcadian was good enough to go on and the answer to the question was no he was not. Sharon said it was a good job that America chooses and not Piers.


Kevin Skinner was the last to perform tonight and he sang for his dad who was sick at home. He isn’t the best singer, but his emotion is so raw in his performances that you cannot help but love the guy. He received a standing ovation, even from Piers.  Piers said that he has an ability to move an audience in a way he has never seen before and he is his favorite to win. Sharon said that she loves his smile. David said he had come so far from where he began.

Tomorrow night on America’s Got Talent you will see who made it to the finals from the first group of performers at 9 PM ET on NBC. Don’t forget to vote your favorite through and mine too…Acro Dunk! Hint, hint!

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