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Big Brother 11: A Big Question Mark

September 01, 2009 07:35 PM by Ryan Haidet


Flying cash, space suits, aliens and tears.  Big Brother was filled with everything but the kitchen sink tonight as the houseguests continued toward the finale, which is just two weeks away.  But before all of that fun, it was a somber situation after Kevin went back on his word and nominated Jeff against Michele for eviction.  After the ceremony, Michele and Jordan went to the pool room and were both really upset about the nominations.  “I don’t trust anyone,” Michele said as she described herself as a lone wolf in the house.  Both she and Jeff realized that the upcoming Power Of Veto competition would be the most important one to date.

What’s Behind The Door???

Walking into his Head Of Household bedroom as usual, Kevin was taken by surprise when he saw a silver door adorned with a big question mark.  He read a letter that warned opening Big Brother Pandora’s Box could bring something really good or something bad.  Then a hint was displayed on a screen that said in order to release $10,000 “put your hand in a hole.”


He was extremely nervous about the situation, but decided to open the door anyway. “I’m thinking that I’m gonna do this ’cause I’m a greedy bitch,” he said to himself.

After he cracked the door open, he saw there was a large box inside the room sitting next to a TV screen.  He approached the box and stuck his hand inside and let out a huge scream — his hand was suddenly locked inside.  Moments later, the TV screen popped on and showed that thousands of dollars started falling from the sky in the backyard.  Kevin was stuck and forced to watch as his fellow houseguests rushed to gather all of the cash.

The Key To Kevin’s Release

“The key to your release is hidden somewhere in the house,” a clue on the TV screen said.  Kevin started screaming for help and Natalie first responded.  He told her that she needed to find the key hidden in the house so that he could be released.  But instead of helping him out, she went back outside and started gathering up the cash.

It was a hilarious moment.  Thanks Natalie.

Shortly after, Jeff went inside the house because he felt the situation was far too suspicious.  He went up to the HOH room and Kevin lied to him saying they could only keep the cash if they found the key and released him.  In a quick search, Jeff found the key under a couch cushion.  But instead of immediately using it to free Kevin from Pandora’s Box, Jeff returned to the backyard to scoop up more dough.  “This house is filled with some greedy folks,” Kevin said.

That moment was even funnier.  Thanks Jeff!

Eventually, Jeff unlocked Kevin and when all the fun was over with, everybody walked away with a decent amount of cash.

Jeff got $3,181.

Michele got $2,563.

Natalie nabbed$1,904.

Jordan got $1,726.

Kevin got $626.

Alien Invasion

For the POV competition, everybody was taken to the backyard one at a time wearing shiny space suits.  It was a concept Big Brother fans have seen in past seasons.  There were six separate images that mashed up the faces of two houseguests to form one face of an alien.

The player to figure out all six of the combos the quickest would win the POV and a full entertainment center.  The most frightening photo combined Jessie and Laura, which Kevin said looked like a houseguest had been joined with a horse.

After all five had their chance to compete, Michele completed the task the fastest in just 1 minute and 52 seconds.  With that, Michele won the POV and the entertainment center.  She felt with her victory that she proved to everybody her ability to be a huge competitor.


But with Michele’s joy came Jordan’s sorrow.  After losing, Jordan said her heart dropped because she knew Michele would save herself from the chopping block, which would force her up against Jeff for eviction.

Realizing Their Loss

Jordan was brought to tears because she was upset that one of them would be sent packing this week after losing the POV.  “You deserve to be here over me.  I haven’t done anything,” she told Jeff.  Jordan also told him that she would be very upset with him if he didn’t campaign for votes.  “I don’t care if you throw me under the bus,” she said.


Jeff was really appreciative of her words — she promised not to ask for a single vote of support.  “There’s still hope,” she said.

At the Veto Ceremony, Michele obviously removed herself from the chopping block.  In return, Kevin nominated Jordan as a replacement.

So now the two Js are facing off for eviction on Thursday.  Which one will it be?

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