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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Growing As A Person

September 01, 2009 07:59 PM by Britteny Elrick


Well, Jeff Lewis‘ new assistant, Rachel, is hanging by a thread.  After only a couple weeks, she has done the unthinkable: purchased wine glasses that were microscopically different than his other ones and arrived ten minutes late.  Clearly, the stress is too much for Jeff to handle.  Other drama ensues on Flipping Out as Jeff discovers one of his contractors is ripping him off.  However, Jenny thinks that through it all, Jeff is growing.


Jeff calls Rachel in for a serious confrontation.  He puts two wine glasses side by side because he thinks she didn’t buy the correct replacement.  Rachel tells him that they are the exact same glass, and he says he’s putting this mishap in her file.  Sigh.

When Jeff goes to check up on a current remodeling project, he is shocked at where his money has gone.  The contractor actually asks Jeff for more money and he realizes that they are just trying to catch up on their bills.  He asks for the truth and they finally admit they are behind.  Jenny and him come to the conclusion that he should have been an interrogator. 

 As Jeff watches his secret security cameras, he sees Rachel was late to work and then went up in the bathroom for awhile. He sends Jenny to get her and Jeff is pissed.  Rachel admits that she woke up 10 mins before work, but he doesn’t care.


Jeff is upset that Zoila needs to go to the doctor, yet so does his dog.  Unfortunately, he can no longer threaten to call immigration, considering she is a legal citizen now.  Rachel is late for the second day in a row.  Jeff feels sympathetic for her, yet he is getting very upset about her tardiness.  At lunch, Jeff targets Rachel in front of everyone about being late and looking disheveled.  Finally, she cracks and ends up crying at the table.  Awkward.  The next day, Jeff is really starting to get frustrated with her and her inability to work up to his standards.

Later on, of course, Jeff seeks solace in Zoila. He asks her why she made Rachel cry at lunch, and Zoila tells him that he makes her cry too.  Then he accuses her of stealing apples that were meant for the deer.

Several days later, Jeff is still after Rachel and sends her on a trip to get him some new underware.   He gives her a pair to bring along just to make sure that she gets the correct ones.  Then out of the middle of nowhere, Rachel drops the bomb that she has been offered another position.  She doesn’t give him very much notice – eleven minutes to be exact.  In the end, Jeff is relieved because he didn’t want to fire his friend anyway.


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