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More To Love: Episode Six

September 01, 2009 09:11 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, the remaining women received individual dates with Luke the lucky bachelor, who took one date go-kart racing; another woman on a boat ride; yet another bowling; and the final woman and he enjoyed wine tasting. Then, the More To Love women were delighted with surprise visits from their families, who weren’t shy about revealing secrets about the final contenders for Luke’s heart.

First up on More To Love, Tali was asked out on a one-on-one date with Luke. They ended up at a go-cart track for a wild ride on the race track. They had fun racing and bumping each other on the track, and then sat down for a bite to eat.


All of a sudden, Tali’s aunt and uncle surprised her and sat down with the two to discuss cultural issues, since Tali is from Israel. Wow what a downer Uncle Leo was! Tali was worried because kept talking about how hard it would be for Luke to be accepted by her family. Luke looked worried for sure.


Mandy was next to get a one-on-one date with Luke, but as she was getting ready, Malissa kept asking her questions about her connection with Luke, which rattled her. Mandy started to cry so much, she had to redo her makeup. Mandy is really too sensitive and fragile, but at the same time, Malissa is a witch and needs to go. It was time for her date with Luke and Mandy was surprised by her parents. They had drinks on an awesome boat and Luke felt comfortable and relaxed with Mandy’s parents who were very cool. But when Luke asked if Mandy was ready to settle down, her mother said she didn’t think she was ready for marriage. Her mother also blurted out that Mandy is crazy, which created an awkward silence, but she didn’t elaborate. Hmmm…


The next to go on a date with Luke was Anna, who he took bowling. Luke is a crazy bowler—he palmed the ball, foregoing the holes and slammed it down the alley!


They bowled for a while and all of sudden Anna’s parents appeared. They were nice, but were very concerned about Luke’s intentions. He explained he was serious about finding a wife and wanting to start a family.


The last date was with Malissa, who Luke took to a nice restaurant for wine tasting and a romantic dinner. Luke really seems to like her, but he hasn’t seen the ‘real’ Malissa, since when he’s not around, she is mean and nasty. The sommelier brought them blindfolds for their wine tasting, and while her eyes were covered, Malissa’s sisters showed up.


They looked nothing like Malissa and one of her sisters, named Kat was a self-admitted “hard ass.” She grilled Luke about his intentions with Malissa. Luke said he wanted to get married and have kids, as Malissa piped in and said “me too.” This caused both her sisters to chuckle, and Kat to say, “I can’t picture you having any kids…” Luke asked why, and Kat said her son is almost four and Malissa has never, ever babysat him.


That disturbed Luke because he loves babysitting his niece and nephew any time his brother needs him. Malissa played it off as if she just wasn’t available when her sister asked her to babysit, but that seemed fake and it doesn’t seem as if she likes kids at all.

It was time for everyone to mingle and Luke spoke with Tali about the cultural difference brought up by her relatives; he talked to Anna about her readiness for marriage; Luke reassured Mandy that he was interested in her; and finally, he discussed children with Malissa after the dinner fiasco with her sisters.

Next, it time for Luke to determine who he wanted to remain in the mansion, and who he wanted to eliminate.


He called Malissa first; then Tali; and finally and surprisingly, Mandy—which meant Anna went home.


Don’t miss next week’s episode when Malissa, Tali, and Mandy are swept off to Hawaii for fun in the sun and intimate dates with Luke…

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