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Big Brother 11: Down To Four

September 03, 2009 07:11 PM by Ryan Haidet


Day 61 in the Big Brother house brought a situation many fans were fearing — Jeff and Jordan were nominated against each other for eviction.  This all came after Kevin went back on his word and Michele used the Power Of Veto to save herself from the chopping block.  Which of the two fan-favorites was sent packing tonight?

Making Out

Even though she was nominated for eviction, Jordan seemed more upset that Jeff could possibly be eliminated.  She kept telling him that he is the only person left in the game who truly deserves the money.

With eviction looming, the soon-to-be-divided pair wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to get some kisses in.  “Right now we know this is the end of our game together,” Jeff said.  “We know something’s coming so any opportunity I can to make out with Jordan, I try and just sneak one in.”

A Pitch To Natalie

Although it appeared she was still on board to oust Jeff, Kevin was worried that Natalie was going to swing the vote the other direction.  He felt like the Pandora’s Box incident was the prime example she might not be so loyal.


In the backyard, Jeff and Michele discussed a plan.  They both vowed to throw the competition and guarantee Natalie the power of Head Of Household since Kevin can’t compete.  Jeff thought if she didn’t take the deal that she was an idiot.

Later on, Jeff pitched the plan to Natalie.  It seemed enticing to her, but she still wasn’t sure which option she would take.

Russell Arrives In Jury House

After some banter with Michele’s husband, we peered into the jury house where Lydia and Jessie were hanging out by the pool.  Lydia said that her crush on Jessie may have actually got stronger.

Oh, please.

They were hoping to see Jeff walk in the door, but were bummed to see Russell tromp in.  He told them that he got backdoored, but raised some Hell before he did.

Jessie and Lydia revealed to Russell that Natalie is actually 24 and not 18.  Russell was stunned by that news.

A Tie Vote

Just prior to the live voting, Jordan stood first and wished everybody luck in the house.  Up next, Jeff asked Natalie to keep her word — he laid it all out there, too.  He replayed his offer of a guaranteed HOH and safety for the week.  It was either that or she could evict him and decide to stay aligned with Kevin, a known backstabber.

Moments later, Natalie entered the Diary Room and still decided to cast her vote against Jeff.  But Michele’s vote to evict Jordan brought on a tie, which meant Kevin, the current HOH, had to cast the final vote.  Kevin stood and said that they were in a point in the game where decisions had to be made to further himself in the game.  “I’m sorry Jordan to have to do this, but I’m going to have to vote to evict your friend Jeff.  Nice desperate try,” Kevin said toward Jeff.  “You’re outta here.”


Now let’s think about something here for a moment.  Kevin has now ridiculed Jeff on live television after going back on his word earlier this week.  I always say it’s a game — and yes, it was a great move by Kevin to evict Jeff.  But ending the game with somebody on a bad note can only hurt the chance of getting their vote once they are on the jury.  Let’s say Kevin happens to make it all the way to the final two, I can’t find any situation in which Jeff would vote for him to win.

Great move, followed by stupid statements.

Rant over.

With that, Jeff stood and gave his goodbye hugs.  “Good luck to everybody,” he said as he picked up his bag and walked out the front door.  Once outside the fan love for Jeff was evident as the crowd erupted in cheers.  It was the first standing ovation during an eviction so far this season.


Fact Or Fiction

The next live HOH competition was filled with a series of statements, which the houesguests had to determine were either fact or fiction.  After all seven questions had been asked, it came down to a three-way tie between the women.  In the tie-breaker question, Natalie answered a number question the closest and happily grabbed the HOH key for the first time.

With the finale looming, Big Brother is once again going into fast forward.  During Sunday night’s episode Pandora’s Box will return with a new temptation to the HOH that is bound to affect the game while two are nominated for eviction.  On Tuesday there is a special live episode filled with another POV competition, POV Ceremony, live eviction and the start of the final HOH competition.

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  1. bmwetegrove02 Says:
    September 10th, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted Jeff or Jordan. They played the game good and their relationship is funny to watch. Which they belong together. ;) If Jordon doesn’t win I would like to see Kevin win since hes worked so hard to where he is and he didn’t get much money when he was trapped in the box/room and Natalie didn’t help his boy out at all. LOL


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