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Models Of The Runway: A Bad Attitude Stays In The Competition

September 03, 2009 09:00 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway left us with dissatisfied models at the end of last week. Well, one dissatisfied model, Mitchell’s pick, who didn’t want to go down in flames with the hapless designer. Well, we know there is nothing she can do except to have a better attitude, so if Mitchell does tank tonight, she will definitely be on the “Do not pick me” list with the other designers because they all know the score and there is enough pressure in the challenges without having a model with a pissy attitude.

So with Mitchell being eliminated…finally, Mitchell’s model was sure she was toast. Model, Vanessa, was pleased to be paired with Ra’mon and then the back-biting began as the girls started to jockey for position so as to be picked for the next challenge.


Heidi then found out that one of the models, Erika, had gotten a commercial and was opting out of the model gig and we saw the return of Valarie who was not picked last week. Confusing, I know, but everyone was passed out scorecards before we began here.

Model, Fatma, was causing her share of trouble with her attitude and made an attempt to smooth it over with Vanessa but that started a mini shouting match that became just embarrassing to watch, but I just couldn’t turn away.


The Elimination

Heidi gathered the designers and told them to choose the models for the next challenge and that a model could make or break a challenge. Ra’mon stayed with Vanessa and the rest of the designers seem to mix it up as they seemed to switch models more than I have ever seen on Project Runway.


Our sour-puss, Fatma, got chosen in the last moment, leaving Erika and Valerie to be chosen. Qristyl chose last and Valerie, who was concerned about being kicked off two weeks in a row, was able to stay in and sending Erica home.


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photo credit: Bravo

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