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Project Runway: Finally An Elimination That Made Sense

September 03, 2009 08:47 PM by DA Southern

project-runway-season-6-logoProject Runway gives us a wonderful episode with big goings on with a beach design project. To add fun to the big project the designers will be working on, they will be divided in teams, which should allow us to have a lot of grand drama to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, we won’t see Mitchell in the bottom two once again or he is definitely out the door. Crap, he will probably win it all!

The designers were greeted by Heidi and she said that the designers were headed on a field trip to the beach. Tim Gunn met the aspiring designers with Philip Carreon from Garnier to introduce the challenge. A beach wear competition was the challenge and then the designers chose teams and started to confab with each other as to the vision.


Back at the FIDM design studio, the teams were allotted a measly fifty bucks to shop with, which doesn’t sound like much, either that or they charge way too much for swimwear in stores.

A few of the design teams were not playing nice together, especially Mitchell and Ra’mon. Is that guy ever not at the center of controversy? Tim Gunn then came with three hours left in the day and announces that Heidi and the judges wanted a second look from each of the teams, which sent most of them into conniption fits.

Epperson and Qristyl had their share of problems with their first look going into day two as the rest of the designers were hard at work on their avant-garde second looks.


Tim Gunn was in to chat with the designers and told them that their models were headed into the design studio for a fitting and for the hair design with Philip Carreon from Garnier. Tim was in to see the progress of the designers and seemed to have some fairly nice praise for many of the designers, except Mitchell and Ra’mon. Mitchell is so going home.

Day of the Runway Show

All of the designers were teasing Mitchell thinking he was once again headed for the bottom two once again. Tim was in to tell the designers they had two hours and made it a point to tell Ra’mon that he didn’t think they had time to complete their project.


Heidi reiterated the challenge of a beach sportswear look as well as an avant-garde look to match and the designers look strutted down the runway. Max Azria was the guest judge as was Rachel Bilson with Nina and Heidi.

The Teams

Mitchell and Ra’mon; Believe it or not, this duo had one of the highest scores. Ra’mom was definitely the star of the group and Mitchell admitted to not doing much work. In the end, Heidi said she was having trouble judging Mitchell’s inability to contribute.


Qristyl and Epperson; Epperson said he came up with the concept and that Qristyl was not a good leader. The judges noticeed their inability to get along, even though there were elements of the design they liked.

Nicholas and Gordana; Even though they had a lower score and were confident in their overall design, the cohesive elements of the designs were not apparent to the judges.

Johhny and Irina; Best liked by the judges overall as far as a collection.

Shirin and Carol, Althea and Louise and Logan and Christopher were just deemed safe with not much chit-chat about their designs.


Heidi announced that Ra’mon actually was the winner of the challenge. Irina and Johnny were announced as safe as was Nicholas and Gordana, leaving Mitchell and Qristyl standing in the losers circle. Heidi then announced that never in the history of Project Runway has a winning team person been eliminated…until now.


Finally, it was bye-bye Mitchell and anyone who didn’t see that one coming was either not paying attention or just in denial, although I was even shocked when his team ended up on top.

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