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Big Brother 11: Natalie’s Plan

September 06, 2009 06:46 PM by Ryan Haidet


It has certainly been a crazy summer in the Big Brother 11 house, and now we’re down to the final four — Jordan, Michele, Kevin and Natalie.  After Jeff was ousted last Thursday, Natalie stepped up and won a close Head Of Household competition.  Naturally, Michele was extremely upset that she lost once again and she felt as if she would be the next target.  The same could be said for Jordan.  But there was an interesting plan brewing.

Spending time in front of the Memory Wall, Natalie promised Kevin a position in the final two.  She was very serious about taking Michele out of the game next.  But her promise brought a big surprise — she told Kevin that the best way to complete their task was by acting as if they weren’t actually aligned.  She was planning to place Kevin on the block as a pawn.  And as you can guess, he wasn’t one bit pleased with that plan.


Moments later, Natalie put her plan into motion by telling Michele and Jordan that she was going to target Kevin for eviction. She told them that he was the biggest competitor left in the game.

Luxury Goes Crazy

The final four went to the backyard for another Luxury Competition — this time it was for the chance at a shopping spree.  They were split into two teams and raced in a goofy game of fashion match up.  After all 10 minutes of the contest was said and done, all four of them won a shopping spree inside the house.  Kevin seemed to be the most excited by the three-minute prize event.  Whatever each of them had tossed on their bodies by the time the buzzer sounded, they would get to keep.  They raced through the hangers and started tossing the clothes all over the place.  “We’re talking clothes here people, clothes,” Kevin said.  He was so serious about it that he ripped a mannequin apart in order to get the items off of it.  “Give me the scarf, bitch,” Kevin said to the mannequin as he ripped the scarf off its neck.

Pandora’s Box Returns

Natalie went to the HOH bedroom and saw Pandora’s Box had returned.  What lurked behind the door with the mysterious question mark this time?  She read a letter that revealed she could spend time in the house with her boyfriend Jason.  But another note said that if she went to meet with her loved one that she wouldn’t be able to compete in the final Power Of Veto competition.


It didn’t take much time — she walked into the room and met up with her boyfriend, thus sacrificing her place in the POV contest.  Since it was only a five-minute reunion, as soon as she entered, he got on one knee so he could propose to her.  Of course she said yes before sitting down to a tall glass of champagne.

But the time ran out quickly, so another note revealed that if she wanted an extra 15 minutes with her boyfriend Jason that she had to push a button — but it warned the other houseguests might be extremely annoyed.

That’s when the crazy people entered the house.  First it was a man dressed like a giant baby.  He followed them around the house, and soon after a copycat entered.  Soon after, a lady dressed like a roach came inside and started spraying them with “bug killer.”

Natalie’s Lie

After the pests left, Natalie came out of the HOH bedroom when the other houseguests saw there was yet another Pandora’s Box.  That’s when she tried to cover up the fact that she had won something good and told them she wasn’t able to compete in the next POV competition.  Then she created a horrible lie trying to explain why — and it was too bad to even re-write here.  Of course nobody bought it — everybody thought she was lying.


After they started to get suspicious, Natalie came clean and told them what actually happened.  But Kevin didn’t buy her story at all and Michele thought the situation was a tad weird.  Kevin was really upset that Natalie would lie about something like that and now it didn’t seem like he trusted her at all.

Nothing Shocking Here

At the Nomination Ceremony, Natalie didn’t deliver any surprises — she placed Michele and Kevin on the chopping block.  Even though Kevin was prepared for it, he said he wasn’t sure if she could be trused anymore.

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