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Dance Your Ass Off: The Reunion

September 07, 2009 10:31 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Dance Your Ass Off, the contestants returned to show off their new bodies, and spoke about how their lives were transformed. They all raved how their health has improved, and their families have learned to exercise and eat healthier due to their wonderful experience on Dance Your Ass Off.

Angela was first on the Dance Your Ass Off stage and lost 36 lbs.


Warren rocked the stage and lost 25 lbs.


Mara lost a whopping 44 lbs.


Karla looked pretty much the same, but actually lost 20 lbs.


Brandon lost 20 lbs. and looked hot!


Tara was an incredible 52 lbs. lighter.


Trice lost 69 lbs. and 10 dresses! Wow!


All of the contestants talked about how the show empowered them to lose weight and changed their lives for the better. Brandon revealed he’s still a virgin, despite the fact that he’s had tons of proposals from fans of the show. Go Brandon!


Alicia was next on stage and she looked gorgeous. She’s lost an amazing 90 lbs. and did a sexy kick and dropped down into the splits as she walked on stage! She started the show a size 20 and is now a size 9.


Another incredible transformation was Miles! OMG! He looked like an entirely different person! He changed his entire life, including the food he eats and his exercise routine.


Pinky was next, and was 32 lbs. lighter. She lost competition by only half a pound, but had no regrets and was so happy she got to dance in the finale, despite her injured ankle.


Shayla walked on stage next and has lost a total of 50 lbs. She looked so good and she said she felt amazing.


It was hilarious when she pulled out her old bra and it was grossly enormous!


Ruben finally graced the stage with his presence and has lost 90 lbs. in total. He looked fantastic and was like a new person.


The judges were also on the show and said the hardest part of judging was watching a contestant go home.


Mara let the judges have it regarding the night she was voted off the show. She thanked Mayte for giving her a 10, but felt Lisa Ann and Danny robbed her when they gave her an 8. Danny and Lisa Ann said they could only judge what was in front of them and Mayte defended their decision. Ruben jumped in and said some of the judge’s scores and criticisms needed were needed, and made him a better dancer.


Next Shayla was voted America’s favorite contestant. She won $5k and a year’s membership to Crunch Gym.

To end the show everyone jumped onto the dance floor and shook their booties! Let’s hope they’ll be another season of this great show that helps contestants dance their way to health and happiness!

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Photo credit: Oxygen Network

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