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There Goes the Neighborhood: Down to the Final Three!

September 07, 2009 03:42 PM by Candace Young


Going into this episode of CBS’s There Goes the Neighborhood, the remaining four families are the Schindlers, the Mullennixs, the Johnsons, and last week’s Kings of the Neighborhood, the Upshaw family. On the previous episode, the Upshaws stunned everyone by putting their long-time neighbors and bosom buddies, the Nelson’s up for elimination – they were subsequently kicked out of the game and left with hard feelings. Will there be  more strife in the neighborhood tonight? Read on to find out what happened…

In the House Challenge, the four remaining families are required to meet in the Johnson’s garage, otherwise known as the ‘indoor stadium’, and on the provided tables, build houses made of playing cards. The family able to build the greatest number of levels in the allotted time wins. Host Matt Rogers gives the go-ahead, and the families begin. A frustrated Mr. Schindler bangs his fist on the table, which puts his family at a disadvantage. The Mullennixs and the Upshaws are close, but when time is up it’s the Upshaws that are victorious – they will have a slight advantage in the Neighborhood Challenge.

This week’s Neighborhood Challenge fall under the theme ‘It’s Laundry Day in the Neighborhood’. The families must choose one member to root around in the soapy water to find 10 items of clothing bearing different letters. The next family member takes the clothing items and sends them down a clothesline to a third family member who runs them to the backyard and hangs them. Each family must then rearrange the letters on the clothes to spell a phrase consisting of two five letter words.

The competition is fierce, with the notable exception of the Johnson family who don’t even come close. The Mullennixs and Upshaws wind up neck-in-neck, and ultimately it is the Upshaws, who spell ‘rinse cycle’ and become Kings of the Neighborhood for the third time in a row! They win a new washer and dryer, and some expensive new clothing, but must also put up two of the remaining families for elimination.


After much debate over who presents more of a threat in the long run, the Upshaws join the Neighborhood Meeting on There Goes the Neighborhood, and stun everyone by nominating the Schindlers (with whom they had a pact), and the Mullennixs (long-time friends)! The Mullennixs are blown away, but the Schindlers aren’t surprised.

Following deliberation, the Upshaws and Johnsons vote to support the Schindler family (likely viewed as less of a threat because they have small children) and the Mullennixs are kicked out of the game! The families say their goodbyes, but the only remark the Mullennixs direct toward the Upshaws is that they hope they can sleep – they trusted them!

On next week’s two-hour season finale, one of the families will lose a challenge that will kick them out of the game. The final two families will then be at the mercy of all of those that have left the neighborhood, as they will return to cast ballots for the family they feel should win the $250,000 prize!

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