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America’s Got Talent 09/08/09: The Fight For The Finals

September 08, 2009 08:13 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight the Semi-finals began on America’s Got Talent and this week the performers were hoping to get a place in the finals and not a bus ride home. It was definately not a walk in the park for the acts as they worked to perfect their performances for America tonight. The fight for the finals was about to begin.


The first act tonight was Recycled Percussion, they were ready to hit the stage and show America something crazy. Piers Morgan thought that they were incredibly talented and completely mad. Sharon Osbourne was more interested in the guys looks tonight and David Hasselhoff thought that the guys would be coming back for one more shot.

Lawrence Beamen sang next and he captivated the audience with his soulful rendition of Falling In And Out Of Love With You. Sharon Osbourne did not like the vocal acrobats tonight in his voice and David Hasslehoff thought that his choice of song was excellent. Piers Morgan said he loved Lawrence, but did not love the performance tonight.


Erick and Rickie took to the dance floor next and danced to Black or White. David Hasslehoff thought that the kids could have their own Disneyland. Piers Morgan who buzzed them, told the kids that the kind of music they chose was wrong tonight. Sharon Osbourne that she couldn’t fault one thing that they did tonight and their performance was very enchanting.

Jeffrey Ou was going to prove to America that he could be himself on stage. Aside from his freakish hair tonight, he sounded amazing. He was buzzed by Piers Morgan who said he was completely out of control. Sharon Osbourne thought that he looked like a mad Mozart and also that his playing was out there. David Hasselhoff asked him if he played all the right notes and expected birds to fly out of his hair.


Hairo Torres the crazy dancer was next. His routine was new and diversified. Sharon Osbourne thought that he was great. David Hasselhoff said that he thought that his dancing was fantastic and Piers Morgan said that he couldn’t decide what it was about his dancing that he liked, but realized Hairo dances just like him…not really…he is just plain good fun.

The EriAm sisters sang When You Believe. They had a  great melody, but were flat at times. Piers Morgan agreed that the girls were flat, but gave them latitude and saw that when they got their confidence they did amazing. Sharon Osbourne said that when they worked together it was great. David Hasselhoff loved the girls spirit and thought that they deserved to be in the finals.


Mario and Jenny came out next and performed their unique circus act. Their routine was not anyting like the one last week. It was actually rather boring! Piers Morgan said that their act was not what they had put through. Sharon Osbourne thought that their routine showed that they were not one dimensional, while David Hasselhoff said that their act showed that they are ready for Vegas.

Drew Stevyns sang The Way I Danced With You and at first he was very nervous, but as he got into the song, he relaxed and belted out the tune. It helps that he is so hot looking as well! Sharon Osbourne thought that Drew’s song choice was fine, and made it his own, but she didn’t like it. David Hasselhoff admired Drew and thought that his sound turned on the audience. Piers Morgan said he hoped he was back next week.


FootworKINGZ are brilliant dancers and tonight on America’s Got Talent their routine took on a hip hop feel. David Hasselhoff said that he wants to see the guys just dance and give up their hokey pokey stuff. Piers Morgan said that their dance tonight was career suicide. Sharon Osbourne said that she buzzed them because there was no life and shade in their routine as it is always the same moves.

Barbara Padilla was the last act to perform tonight and she chose to sing Ava Maria. Her voice is so beautiful…she gave me goosbumps. Piers Morgan could only say…”WOW!” Sharon Osbourne said that it doesn’t matter what your musical tastes are as music goes beyond language and Barbara’s singing goes beyond that. David Hasselhoff said that God has a plan for her…to beat cancer and then to entertain people and heal people with her music. 

Ten acts have performed and now it is up to you America. Vote for your favorite and put them into the finals. Come back tomorrow night and see if they have made it through on America’s Got Talent at 9 PM only on NBC.

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