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Big Brother 11: Down With The Devil

September 08, 2009 08:26 PM by Ryan Haidet


Only one week before the hit season of Big Brother 11 comes to an end, and things are getting good inside the house.  After her nominations, Natalie was working her strategy by telling Jordan that it was Michele who really needed to go home this week.  But Jordan started to feel like she was being lied to since Natalie had vowed to target Kevin this week.  But that’s not all, the most crucial Power Of Veto competition came down to the wire.

During the POV competition, the three contestants had to figure out the connection between events in the house with names of evicted houseguests.  The first to stack the names successfully in the correct order would win a guaranteed spot in the final three.

At first, everybody struggled — especially Jordan.  Michele started stacking answers like crazy, which Kevin was concerned about. He couldn’t believe that she was able to fly through the contest that quickly.  But there was no worry, because she had every single block in the wrong space.

It really was a battle between Kevin and Michele the entire time.  Each of them being the major targets if they didn’t win the POV.  After re-stacking, Michele’s next try revealed she only had one answer wrong.  Very close, but it was too late.  Kevin won shortly after and was nearly brought to tears by his victory.

After he won, Jordan knew she was on the chopping block because Kevin was going to use the POV to save himself.  That also meant he had the sole vote to evict.


Making A Deal With The Devil

In the backyard, Michele worked her strategy on Kevin.  She said she didn’t want Natalie to win the game and promised to take him to the final two if he actually won the final HOH competition.  Then she went on to say that if he decided to evict her this week that she would not give him a vote to win the game.  Kevin said he was open to all options, but needed time to consider all the possibilities.

Live Eviction

During the live Veto Ceremony, Kevin saved himself and Jordan was put on the chopping block in his place.  Immediately after, the nominated pair took a few moments to plead their case for safety.  Michele’s speech was far better than Jordan’s.  She donned a red pair of devil horns and said that she has nothing but enemies in the jury house, which was a solid argument for taking her to the end of the game.  She’s far easier to beat in the finals.

But after all of her pleas, Kevin still decided to evict her.  Michele grabbed her bag and walked out of the front door moments later.  “The devil is gone,” Natalie said after Michele’s picture went from colorful to gray.


Final HOH Competition: Part I

After Michele’s eviction, the first part of the final HOH competiton began.  The concept of the contest was simple — each player must keep at least one hand on their key, which was hanging from above.  The players were standing on a giant rolling log that was elevated a few feet off the ground.  The last person standing would win part one of the HOH competition and move on to the final round.   Before the show went off the air, Big Brother started spinning the log and unleashed a stormy situation with strobe lights, rain, falling leaves and sound effects.

We will have to wait until Thursday to see who wins the first portion of the competition.  As of this writing, all three contestants are still standing.  And it also looks like the seasons have changed in the backyard from rain to snow.  Yup, it appears winter time has arrived.

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