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Flipping Out: Time For A New Assistant

September 08, 2009 08:19 PM by Britteny Elrick


Things reach an all-time level of ridiculousness on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out.  Jeff Lewis seeks a replacement for Rachel and manages to hire the first person he interviews, in spite of the fact he is an ex-con.  However, things don’t work out as swimmingly as he hoped, when Jeff lets him go after his first assignment.  Keep reading for all this and more…

Jeff and Jenny set out to interview new people to replace Rachel.  Jeff realizes that his office is a revolving door and he needs to be more choosey [aka not hire the first person he interviews].  First, they meet with Sean, who was referring to Jeff by a friend.  He explains that he’s looking for a project manager as opposed to just an assistant.  Then they ask all the pertinent questions like if he has ever been treated by a psychologist, or does he have any plans to have children?  Jeff discovers that Sean has actually been arrested after a high-speed chase with a patrol officer.  Immediately he is hired.


Sean and Jeff went out to visit one of his remodel projects and it is evident that Sean isn’t good at taking notes. Jeff does his best to call him out and sufficiently embarrass him so that he will get the point.  Later on, Jeff and Jenny are determined to confiscate his Mercedes that was towed after he parked it illegally.  Finally, they get it back, after they walked around for awhile and ate a sufficient amount of Mexican food.


While the troops are out on another assignment, Jenny notices Sean flirting with one of their clients, Chaz.  Later, Jenny tells Jeff that Sean and Chaz exchanged numbers in regards to doing Yoga together, and Jeff is pissed.  Jeff swears if he confronts Sean he will not involve Jenny. When he visits Chaz later on, Jeff asks his assistant if Sean asked Chaz for a job or what.  I’m assuming that Jeff is giving him the benefit of the doubt by doing this.

D-day has arrived, and Jeff brings Sean in for “the discussion.”  He brings up the fact that Sean gave Chaz his business card and talked about Yoga.  Jeff says that he thought it violated all boundaries and was extremely unprofessional. Sean lies and says that he was inquiring about a haircut, but Jeff tells him he’s lying and lets him go.  WOW. This may be a record  – in and out within one episode.


Immediately after Jeff’s sister in law gets wind that he fired Sean, she suggests her sister as an employee.  Jeff, have we learned nothing about hiring friends and friends of friends?  Well, apparently not, because he hired her on the spot.  On one of their first road trips together, she spills her coffee all over his Mercedes.  Sigh.

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