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More To Love: Episode Seven

September 08, 2009 08:59 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, Luke and the women say “Aloha” to Hawaii for exciting, romantic dates on the big island. Emotions run high, passion is in the air, and Luke is forced to make a tough decision and send one woman home, but keep the two women who he believes have More To Love.

The women and Luke arrived in Hawaii and began their More To Love visit with a traditional Hawaiian dance.


Malissa got the first date with Luke, who said he’s attracted to her physically, but is really worried about her commitment to him. Of course, she can’t see Luke with anyone but her. She’s so cocky and annoying! The two swam with and rode on dolphins.


After making out a few times, they sat on the shore and ate a picnic lunch. Then, they made out a little more even though he was questioning her intent.


After their afternoon date, they cleaned up, changed and went to dinner. Luke discussed the fact that he was the biggest guy Malissa ever dated and she told him he was being insecure. He actually told her he felt as though he could propose to her, but didn’t want to get hurt. Luke had dessert delivered back to his place… Oh my! They went back to his hotel room and they lay on his bed and began to kiss. She admitted she started the show on a whim, but now she has feelings for him. They got hot and heavy as the camera panned away and some moans were heard from the couple! Eeeew! Malissa is not the one for him!


Luke’s next date was with Tali, who he took on an outrigger. Unfortunately, Luke planned a day on the water and her biggest fear is the ocean.


He wanted to take her snorkeling, but she freaked a little when he mentioned it. But, Tali’s not a quitter and went for it. They snorkeled and he was there for her 150%, reassuring her he would be there for her. That was sweet.


Later that evening they went to dinner and she looked absolutely beautiful. He told her he was falling for her and they shared a kiss. She looked a little concerned when he asked her back to his room, but then she seemed really pleased at the idea! They both got in the hot tub and he massaged her feet. He asked her to spend the night with him and she happily agreed.


Mandy had the final date with Luke, who he took riding on ATVs. He was a little worried because she was still guarded and hasn’t opened up to him.


During lunch, they talked about how she felt she was the best woman for him and that she’s falling in love with him.


Later that night, they went for a bite on a boat. They discussed their time together and then walked up to the top area of the boat where there were pillows and a mattress set up! Wow. As expected, he asked her to stay out on the boat with him all night. Of course, she said yes.


The next day, it was time for Luke to determine who he would send home. The first woman Luke asked to remain on this journey was Tali! Cool! I truly hope she wins the whole thing. The second and last woman’s name he called was Malissa. Urgh!


That meant Mandy was sent home. She was really torn up about the whole thing—especially since they had just spent the night together!


Don’t miss next week’s finale when Luke takes two women home to meet his family and ultimately chooses the woman to whom he will propose…

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  1. hidalgonat Says:
    September 14th, 2009 at 9:32 am

    I hope he didnt have sex with each woman on his all night date. that is wrong on so many levels, at this point in the game these women are so committed to him and for a guy to have a one night stand with each girl knowing he will only marry one is a sure sign his character is lacking.


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