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Holidate: Philadelphia & Seattle

September 09, 2009 11:53 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Holidate, Jen from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, trades places and man pools with Nicki from the emerald city, Seattle. Jen is an old fashioned girl looking for love with a man of substance, while Nicki is new on the dating scene after being married for nine years and recently divorcing. Each will have an exciting and adventurous time during their quest for love on Holidate.

First up on Holidate was Jen, who is 27 and lives in Philadelphia. She’s an executive administrative assistant and grew up in the Poconos with old fashioned values. She doesn’t like guys who try to impress her with suits and money and no men in Philly have struck her fancy.


Nicki is an esthetician for a dermatologist, is 27, and lives in Seattle. She is very pretty and was born in Iran. She was in a relationship for nine years, and married for two, but it ended in divorce. She felt that Seattle men were too relaxed and is looking for an east coast guy who’s driven.


The women met on a videoconference to discuss what types of men they like. Then each found three blind dates in their hometown to each other up with.

Nicki’s first date was with Keith who she met at Independence Hall. She looked gorgeous in an elegant black dress and he was very handsome.


They went on a romantic carriage ride in the historic part of Philly.


He was kind of freaked out when she said she hadn’t been out on a date in nine years, but she explained she’s only been divorced for about nine months, so he totally understood. They stopped for dinner at Union Trust and he made her laugh the whole time. They shared jokes all night and had a great time.

Jen’s first date was with Graham who works as a copywriter. They met at a local park for an exciting adventure kayaking. They both were attracted to each other instantly.


They kayaked on the lake and then had dinner on a boat called The Destiny. They both loved kids and had a lot in common, but sparks weren’t flying.


Nicki’s next date was with Ryan, a lawyer. She met him at the Camden Ferry Landing and they rode the ferry and talked about their past. They had both been married and recently divorced, so they really understood one another.


They went to a beautiful aquarium and ate dessert in a private room. In the room was a screen that went up and revealed a huge aquarium next to them. Very cool!


Jen’s second date was with Edgar who is a software developer and took her to the famous fish market where fish is thrown and caught in the marketplace. They participated in catching the fish and left smelly and scaly! Yuck! They were eating lunch and chatting when the phone rang, and guess who? It was Nicki saying she really liked her date with Ryan. Funny. After lunch, Edgar bought Jen some lilies for a perfect end to their date.


Nicki’s final date was with Harry, who works in pharmaceutical sales. Her first impression of him was that he was very hot and he was very tall—6 foot 8! She was extremely playful with him during dinner on an open balcony, and suddenly fireworks began going off in the background. After they ate, they headed to the bar and talked about what they wanted in the future.


Jen’s last date was with Bryan, who’s a firefighter. They headed to the Space Needle and went to the panorama deck for a view of the city.


He brought her a little plastic fire helmet and a sweatshirt. Very sweet!


They both agreed they didn’t like high maintenance people and also shared traditional values. They talked over dinner about how marriage and commitment is very important and really seemed like a match made in heaven.

Next each woman chose one man to give a plane ticket to visit her on her home turf. Nicki gave her ticket to Ryan.


Jen gave her ticket to Bryan.


Jen and Bryan have kept in touch, but he has not yet gone to visit her. Nicki and Ryan have been texting each other every day since the show and she looks forward to seeing her “hottie” again soon.

Don’t miss next week when Missy, a virgin from San Francisco trades places with Carey, sophisticated city girl from New York…

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