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Big Brother 11: Rolling Toward Victory

September 10, 2009 06:56 PM by Ryan Haidet


Right where we left off on Tuesday night, the final three Big Brother contestants were competing in the first part of the last Head Of Household competition.  On top of a giant elevated rolling log, the houseguests walked around in the man-made rain while holding onto a key high above their heads.  But rain wasn’t all they had to face — every season emerged as they each battled for power.

Seasons Change

After the houseguests got used to the log rolling, the Big Brother producers quickly stopped it, which surprised everybody and caught them all off guard.  Kevin said the rain Big Brother unleashed was cold, miserable and harsh.  Then the rain took a break and the Fall-like wind started swirling with leaves flying around.


If that wasn’t bad enough, it started snowing.  “Could you torture me anymore?” Jordan joked.

After more than three hours, all of the contestants were still sticking around in the competition.  Kevin vowed to stay on the log until the sun came up.  But he was visibly shaking because of how cold he was.


Jordan made the remark at one point that she was really cold.  So Kevin told her that if she shook her muscles around that it would help warm her up.  She took it as a friendly suggestion, but Kevin was using his advice as strategy to get Jordan distracted.  And it worked because after 3 hours and 27 minutes, Jordan accidentally fell off of the log.

Kevin Vs. Natalie

Days before this rolling log contest, Natalie and Kevin made a deal in which she would throw the competition and let Kevin have it.  After several moments of discussion, Natalie voluntarily jumped off and Kevin vowed to take her to the final two.

With that Kevin won part one of the final HOH competition.


But in a confessional, Kevin declared that his word means nothing at this point since it’s all about making it to the end of the game.  And he wasn’t planning on bringing Natalie — he was thinking of taking Jordan.

Heading Toward Finale Night

Julie Chen went live to the living room and revealed that nobody would be evicted tonight since they were all going to finale night.  They were all shocked as Julie explained the rest of the game.  The second part of the HOH competition would play out live tonight.  Then on finale night, the final evicted houseguest would immediately join the jury just in time to vote for a winner.

Jeff Heads To The Jury

At the jury house, Jeff joined the other evicted houseguests much to their excitement.  Jessie and Lydia both let out big cheers to learn their enemy was ousted.  He told them that Kevin was the backstabber responsible for his elimination.


Battle For Power Continues

After filler-chats with former power players, the second part of the HOH competition began.  One at a time, Natalie and Jordan took their turn at the challenge called “Heads Will Roll.”  They each were given two minutes to complete the contest, which consisted of figuring out the order of the contestants who claimed the power of HOH throughout the season.

Natalie hustled and got five out of 10 correct.  Then it was Jordan’s turn.  After just one minute, Jordan had enough points to beat Natalie.  When all was said and done, she got nine right.  The audience erupted in cheers.

The 7th Juror

After Chima’s removal from the game, there are only six contestants eligible to vote for a winner on finale night.  To solve that issue, for the first time ever, America is going to be the 7th juror.  Voting has already started, too.  Who will America side with?

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