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Project Runway: A Designer Goes Bland And is Out

September 10, 2009 09:09 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway has a serious case of “When Models Attack” as the crossover between the Models of the Runway show and Project Runway extends into this episode as the models become the clients for the challenge. The designers were not only fitting the models but they actually had to listen to them as well as turning the model/designer relationship on its ear.

The designers were all sitting around chatting up the last challenge and about the team pairings. Host Heidi Klum greeted the designers and told them that Tim Gunn was waiting for them with thirteen women who knew what they wanted; The Models of the Runway.


Tim said that the models were invited to a high-profile event and they needed to be impressive. The models and the designers met to collaborate and some of the designers, (I won’t mention Epperson’s name) were not on the same page with their models.

What made this challenge tough was that it was a one-day challenge and the designers had until midnight to complete their designs with the remaining hours prior to the runway show the following day.


Tim was in to check progress of the designs and seemed to have generally good comments for several of the designers. He did have issue with Qristyl’s design as well as Logan’s and saw that time was an issue for many of the designers.

Epperson has having separation issues with being away from his family but seems to be one of the most consistent designers in the competition and may have to just man up and focus.

Nicolas was the most nervous of the bunch and Qristyl looked as though she was headed to the bottom of the pile for a second week in a row if the dress didn’t find some style overnight by the design elf and some magic pixie dust. But maybe I am just being too rough on her.

Day of the Runway Show

Tim sent in the models for the fitting and makeup and Nicolas was our critic as he singled out Epperson and Johnny’s dresses as the worse, with his, of course, being the best of the lot.


Heidi reiterated the challenge introduced the judges, (where has Kors been?) and the models paraded out to show off the model/designer created designs.

Heidi dismissed seven designers leaving six designers that were the best and worst of the bunch. Carol Hannah had great comments from the judges; Logan’s design looked like a prom dress; Epperson’s design was overall loved by the judges, but Heidi was concerned by the way the model’s breast looked; Johnny’s design was bland and uninspired, according to the judges, and was even called a bridesmaid dress; Qristyl’s design was called “Not youthful” with Heidi saying it aged the model by fifteen years and Althea’s design was called very chic and well done.


At the judges deliberation, the judges didn’t like Qristyl’s design or Logan’s but loved Althea and Carol’s design along with Epperson and it was really a tough judging situation with several that seemed to stand out.


Heidi called out the designers and immediately dismissed Epperson as safe and then told Althea was the winner of the challenge. Carol-Hannah was safe as was Johnny, leaving Qristyl and Logan to sweat it out. Even though Logan’s design “Missed the mark” according to Heidi, Qristyl was “Auwt” as she just could not impress for the second week in a row.

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