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So You Think You Can Dance: Battle Of The Taps?

September 10, 2009 04:28 AM by Lisa Princ


So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Auditions premiered tonight on FOX. The show started off on a very awkward note with a performance that looked like it belonged in a Broadway theater instead of on So You Think You Can Dance. If it weren’t for Nigel, Mary and Adam’s humorous end to that performance, I think I would have tuned out right there.

However, it did gradually get better as we met Molly and Amber. Both of these girls danced beautifully with such grace, and both of these girls had an ulterior motive for auditioning; their moms. If they didn’t warm your hearts with their moves, they certainly did with their stories. We’ll get to see these ladies again as they were both sent through to Vegas for the next round.


Then we met Christopher, who made it clear that he would like to produce his own film one day. Well, Christopher, you definitely need to stick to that instead of dancing – it was horrendous, and he had the judges laughing at his performance as well.  But the ridiculous performances did not end there. There were a few more strange ones, and yes I mean strange! From a tap dancer you could barely hear, to another contestant who could barely move, let alone dance, to another one wearing a jacket straight out of the 1980′s.

As the day wore on, we also met Cristina, who performed a very spicy mix of Latin/Hip Hop. She too, was sent through to Vegas. But the real story of the night were the tap dancers.  In the 5 previous seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, there has never been a tap dancer in the top 20. Well folks, we got 3 tap dancers tonight, and they blew the judges away.

It started with Ryan, who had previously auditioned on the show and not made it through. Ryan did so well, both Nigel & Adam agreed it was the “best audition ever” on So You Think You Can Dance. Bianca then entered the room, who also had auditioned in a previous season. Nigel asked her if she would comfortable doing a “Tap Battle” and before we knew it she and Ryan were tapping away together, it was an awesome performance ending in both of them heading to the next round. Last but not least we met Phillip, who was also a tap dancer. Phillip put on a spectacular performance, gaining him a ticket to the next round as well. Overall that makes 3 tap dancers moving to the next round of So You Think You Can Dance.

After the final choreography round, they added 10 more contestants to the next round, as well as 9 from the first day.
Make sure you tune into FOX next week as the auditions will be in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a feeling this is going to be one great season of So You Think You Can Dance.

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