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Big Brother 11: A Look Back

September 13, 2009 06:50 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s been a drama-filled summer in the Big Brother house.  After huge fights, big power plays and back-stabbing moments, we are now down to the final three contestants.  Tonight’s episode brought a look back at the major moments from earlier this summer with a few (trust me — very few) new segments scattered throughout.

While sharing dinner, Kevin, Natalie and Jordan started reminiscing about previous events in the house. They first relived the moment when Jessie joined the game.  Natalie said it was nice to see he was a fun person.  But Kevin and Jordan felt like he was extremely arrogant.  That’s when a video clip was shown of him bragging about himself and how he always wins competitions.  No big surprise here.


Then they brought up Ronnie.  Kevin said the first time they met him that Ronnie seemed like a nice, laid-back personality.  Then more footage of stuff we already saw of Ronnie getting tormented by Russell filled the screen.  Then there was a new moment shown where Kevin got into a fight with Ronnie.  Kevin didn’t take any of Ronnie’s stuff and called him out as a liar in front of everybody.  It got so heated very quickly, and Kevin rushed and bumped chests with The Rat.  Then Ronnie moved on to Chima and sobbed about it saying his feelings were hurt.  Thank goodness Ronnie isn’t still in the game.  Whew.

Then the discussion led to Jeff and Jordan’s relationship.  This brought us to a pair of segments that were far from interesting.  One was a bit humorous when Jordan revealed that if she could be any animal in the world that she would be a squirrel.  Then it cut to a clip we have already seen where Jeff “proposed” to Jordan.


Away from dinner and moving toward the Memory Wall, since Jeff was the topic, the final three relived the moment when he used the power of Coup D’Etat.  They said it was the biggest move in the game and was by far one of the most memorable.  Once again, we were treated to another clip of regurgitated content, which was filled with reaction to Jeff’s use of the Mystery Power.

The only clip worth re-watching this entire episode was the one where Natalie, Chima and Lydia were sobbing over Jessie’s eviction.  That is still the most unbelievable moment of the season, and by far the funniest one to see again.

Of course they talked about Chima’s removal from the game.  Natalie kept on standing up for her saying she realized what Chima had been going through.  Ready for the surprise of the night?  We saw the clip of Chima tossing her microphone into the hot tub once again.  Really?  Let’s actually see something new!

After a night of nothing new, Tuesday night’s live two-hour finale should be extremely entertaining.  Who will win?




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