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There Goes the Neighborhood: The Johnstons – In It To Win It!

September 13, 2009 08:26 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s season finale of There Goes the Neighborhood on CBS , the remaining three families will go toe-to-toe as they compete for the $250,000 prize! The Upshaw family states that they are determined to keep the upper hand (they’ve won the last three Neighborhood Challenges) over the Schindler and Johnston families – they’re in it to win it! Which family will be the next to go, and which two finalists will be forced to rely on votes from previously eliminated neighbors for the win? Read on to find out!

In It To Win It!

After an impromptu meeting, engineered by the Upshaws, to ensure there will be no hard feelings regardless of the outcome, the three families head outside to meet host Matt Rogers. He points out a series of waterslides that must be navigated, and a puzzle that must be completed, in order to win the Neighborhood Challenge. Matt entices them with the prize – a video game arcade and a trip outside the wall for the ultimate family day! The winner of this challenge will also get the privilege of choosing which family they will compete against in the final to win $250,000!

After an exhausting number of trips through the waterslides and endless rearranging of the puzzle boards, the Johnston family emerges as the Kings of the Neighborhood! The Upshaws, reflecting afterward, say they expect to be the family sent home.

Before a decision must be made about the final, however, the Johnston family gets to have their ultimate family day outside the wall! Since they can’t go out through the door (which means you’re kicked out of the game), they must go over the wall – the family is picked up and taken out by a crane! A limo waits on the other side to take them to U.S. Play!

When Matt Rogers calls the Neighborhood Meeting, the Johnstons listen as the Schindler family deems themselves the only logical choice, and the Upshaws plead that anyone can win it, claiming that their numerous wins don’t make them a threat! After the Johnstons leave the meeting to confer, they return and kick the Upshaws out of the game – it will be the Johnstons and the Schindlers in the finale!


Final Neighborhood Challenge!

On the day of the final Neighborhood Challenge, host Matt Rogers introduces the Schindler and Johnston families to the massive obstacle course they will be competing on for a better chance at winning the game. Matt notes that there will also be a barbecue at which the winning family will have an opportunity to interact with the previously eliminated families to influence them before they hold a Neighborhood Election for the winner!

After getting off to a slow start, the Schindler family is victorious in the obstacle course, and are told that they will host the Neighborhood Barbecue. They will get an hour to campaign with the other neighbors before the Johnstons are allowed to show up!

The barbecue is amazingly laid back, with the notable exception of Mrs. Johnston who asks everyone she greets if they’re planning to vote for her family! Eventually, it’s time for the Neighborhood Election in which each member of every family will get to cast a vote for the family they would like to see win the money!

At a meeting before the election, each family speaks, and most of them assert that the hurt feelings will subside and everything between the neighbors will be fine – in some cases, even better, than before There Goes the Neighborhood began.

Finally the votes are cast in the Neighborhood Election – the Johnston family are voted the Kings of the Neighborhood by a margin of 21 – 3 and win $250,000!

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