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America’s Got Talent 09/14/09: Finally The Finals!

September 14, 2009 06:56 PM by Paulene Hinds


It began three months ago on America’s Got Talent and tonight ten acts remain. Anyone can win, but who will win the show? The wait was over as the finals start now!


With one million dollars and a headline show in Vegas on the line, the show began with the first finalist two brothers and a sister, the Voices of Glory. This was the happiest time of their life as they sang from their heart. With all of the competition tonight they were hoping to hold up. They sang The Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Housten. Their little sister was definately the star here tonight. The boys allowed her to shine and that helped them achieve greatness tonight. Piers Morgan said that he was unhappy with the two boys as they had better suits than him, but the family came together tonight. Sharon Osbourne said that they were perfectly in sync tonight. David Hasselhoff said that they brought not only their mother out of a coma, but Piers Morgan as well.

Next up tonight was a dancer whose spine twisting dancing had America talking all over thre country, Hairo Torres. He had a definate shot of winning this competition tonight. He put on the Ritz tonight. I love his stuff…he is awesome and tonight he gave it his all. Sharon Osbourne said that he took a big risk and an emotional performance tonight. David Hasselhoff thought that he tied it all together and Piers Morgan said that he loved him but the performance didn’t work tonight.

The next performer in the finals of America’s Got Talent  was Lawrence Beamen. He was feeling the pressure and wondered if he made the right song choice tonight. He wanted to win as he sang a classic Barry White song, My First, My Last, My Everything. His song choice wasn’t perfect for his vocal talents as far as I am concerned, but the audience loved him. David Hasselhoff told him that he loved him and had been honoured with his journey. Piers Morgan commented that he is the new Barry White and Sharon Osbourne asked him how he felt about his performance and thought that he was natural up on stage.


After the break, Barbara Padilla sang on America’s Got Talent. She had overcome so much in her life, never giving up and tonight she was singing a song dear to her heart. Her Opera performance was amazing again and brought goosebumps to my soul. I sincerely hopes this lady wins as she really deserves it. Piers Morgan said that millions of Americans are watching her tonight saying, “Way to go!”. Sharon Osbourne said that she looks and sounds like three billion dollars. David Hasselhoff said that she demands their attention and respect.

The Fab Five had such strong support from their husbands and they were definately stepping out of their shells tonight. They were performing moves of much younger dancers and their routine was fantastic.  Sharon Osbourne thought that they were definately right for Vegas. David Hasselhoff said that he couldn’t stop smiling watching them. Piers Morgan said that when they dance they are like one and that they had put more time into their routine than any other performer.


Next up were the Texas Tenors. They felt so blessed for being able to sing for all of America and it was a dream come true for the guys.  They sang My Way tonight and did an amazing  job on the song.  David Hasselhoff said that they had a lot of guts doing the song they did and it was fantastic. Piers Morgan thought that their song was a guilty pleasure and they have fabulous cheese. Sharon Osbourne thought that they gave great performances and she loves them.

Drew Stevyns had a passion for his music and he was a dark horse in this contest tonight. He tried to tell his own story through his words in his songs and believed that every experience added to his performance. He knew that it was beyond anything he knew to have a show in Las Vegas. After he sang, Piers Morgan said that he performed out of his skin tonight and thought that a wild card card could go all the way. Sharon Osbourne said that he really looked very good and was a dark horse and David Hasselhoff said he hit it out of the park tonight and had a great chance of winning the whole thing!


The eighth act tonight on America’s Got Talent  was Grandma Lee. Although she discovered her talent late in life, she was determined to make it to the end tonight. She was only one shot away from the million dollars and she was ready to push the limits in the finals.  She talked about her kids tonight and the booby fairy. Hahaha! Hopefully she makes it to Vegas before she croaks, one way or the other! Sharon Osbourne hoped that there were no more Piers jokes but she thought that the Ryan Seacrest bit was hysterical. David Hasselhoff thought that every time she comes out she is funnier and funnier. Piers Moragan asked her for a paternity test as she was holding a baby bump in her shirt tonight!


The favorite tonight, Kevin Skinner was up next and he was overwhelmed by everything riding on this last performance tonight. He was proud of where he came from and was proud of the fact that he may be able to change his family’s life tonight. He was hoping to dig down deep inside for his family and his chance to win. He sang, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. He was so emotional tonight…I fell in love with him! David Hasselhoff made fun of him in a way, but said that he was awesome. Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne told him that he was such an individual and was very unique.

Recycled Percussion was the last act to perform tonight and they felt that they had what it takes to go on to Vegas. They were smokin’ hot! Next to Barbara Padilla I think they have what it takes to hold an audience captive for 90 minutes! WIPEOUT!!!  Piers Morgan said that the show was ended in a brilliant way and he would put them in Vegas tomorrow. Sharon Osbourne thought that they belonged in Vegas as well and David Hasslehoff thought that they were unbelievable!

Wednesday, the finals of America’s Got Talent comes to an end at 8 PM on NBC. Vote America if you want your favorite to win!

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