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Big Brother 11: A Winner Is Crowned

September 15, 2009 09:23 PM by Ryan Haidet


After 73 days, 28 competitions, 10 evictions and one expulsion, it was time to crown the winner of Big Brother 11.  The stage was set — one of the final three contestants — Natalie/Kevin/Jordan — was set to take home the $500,000 prize.  In the extended live two-hour finale, which was far too long after enduring this never-ending season, there was a Head Of Household competition, another eviction and the live jury vote.  And to top it all off, host Julie Chen made a fashion statement by wearing a Snuggie on national TV.  I can hear that commercial already — “Look, you can even host Big Brother and stay warm at the same time.  Here’s how to order.”

Making Promises

Before competing in the third portion of the final HOH competition, deals were being thrown all over the place.  Kevin was hoping to win so he could take Jordan to the final two.  Jordan was promising to take Kevin with her if she won, but in a confessional, she said her real plan was to bring Natalie with her.  So I guess it was looking good for Jordan either way.

Michele Joins The Jury

Before we got to the HOH competition, we went back to the jury house.  Jeff was extremely hopeful that Kevin would be walking in the door next.  But when Michele came walking in, Jessie threw his hands in the air with nothing but excitement.  Russell, on the other hand, was upset she was evicted since she was his pick to win the whole game.


Later on, the five jury members sat outside and discussed who they believed should win the game out of the final three.  And two people in particular were fighting for their favorites.  Jeff was really campaigning hard for Jordan while Lydia was fighting for Kevin.  But Jeff considered Kevin a bad player and told Lydia that talking to her was like chatting with a road cone.  He didn’t want to hear anything nasty about his girl in the house.

When it came to Natalie, the consensus was that everybody in the jury house hated her.

Final HOH

In a simple contest of questions about jury statements, Kevin and Jordan faced off for the final power of the game.  The person with the highest number of points after five questions would win the final HOH.  After all five questions, we had a tie.  So it came to one last question where they each had to guess a number.  The person closest to the correct figure would win.  Chen asked, “Including tiebreaker votes, how many total votes to evict have been cast so far this season?”  Jordan guessed 50 and Kevin guessed 80.  After a short moment of tension, the Snuggie-wearing Chen revealed the answer was 51.  To the crowd’s excitement, Jordan won the final HOH.

Another Eviction

Immediately after winning the final HOH, Jordan was forced to choose to evict one last houseguest live.  After a pair of lame final pleas, Jordan stood and voted to evict Kevin.  “I am so sorry,” Jordan told him.  Kevin seemed very understanding, and walked out of the house to huge cheers from the studio audience.


Jury Returns

After Kevin was evicted from the game, the jury was brought into the studio so they could ask the final two questions about their game before casting a vote.

Ready for a rant?  Wish granted.

This game has gone on for weeks.  WEEKS.  I know neither Natalie nor Jordan had any idea what questions would be fired their way, but seriously.  Why on earth didn’t they seem more prepared to answer the questions.  Jordan’s answers were absolutely awful.  Although she is very likable, it was hard to watch as she stammered through her statements, almost like she never prepared for that moment.  Come on!

Natalie answered her questions much better, but still seemed unsure of what she was saying.  It was embarrassing.


And with the jury having such harsh feelings toward Natalie, I expected a much more brutal questioning.  But it was really boring.  Understandably they quizzed the final pair on their strategic moves and relationships, but didn’t really put either of them on the spot.

Final Pleas & Votes

After the barrage of boring questions, Jordan made her final plea to the jury.  She rose to her feet and recapped her strategy for the summer.  Jordan said she was really proud of herself whether she wins or not.  Her biggest fear was that everybody in the game would look at her as a weak player who rode coattails.  Her final speech sucked.  Sorry.  It did.

Natalie’s speech was far more eloquent, but pointless nonetheless.  She said she never backstabbed any one of her strong allies, and felt she deserved votes due to her loyalties.

Right after their remarks, the jury approached the voting box one by one and entered their vote for the winner.  Jessie went all Disney on us and quoted a phrase from The Lion King by telling Jordan “Hakuna Matata.”  Really?  Big muscle man resorts to The Lion King’s popular song referring to a phrase that means no worries?  What is going on?  What a weird finale!


Up next was Lydia who said, “Jordan, I love a good blonde.”  Russell said he was voting for the person who played the best game from start to finish.  Jeff told Jordan he was very proud of her before sliding his key into the voting box.  Michele approached the box and said she was voting for the strongest female in the game.  Finally, Kevin walked up to the box and said he was voting strictly strategic.

Then Chen placed America’s vote in the box, which went to the contestant who nabbed the majority of the votes out of the 11 million that were cast.

Now back to Chen’s dress for the evening.  This is a huge night for Big Brother, and I think whoever advised her to wear that awful blue outfit needs to be evicted from the CBS offices.  Sheesh!  It really did look like she fashioned a Snuggie — the popular, but insanely goofy, fashion disaster as seen on TV.  Now, I know it really wasn’t a Snuggie, but holy cow!  Did anybody else notice this or was it just me?  She always looks so nice on the live shows, but tonight, her outfit was so distractingly hilarious that it was hard to take her seriously.

This is one thing she will never be able to live down.  But I must give her credit, she always holds herself extremely well and always looks beautiful.  Let’s just hope she fires her fashion consultants.  Yikes!

Big Brother Reunion

After all the votes were cast, Snuggie lady invited the first four evicted houseguests into the studio.  This felt like useless filler time to just extend the show even more! Ronnie revealed that Natalie was a huge liar, while Braden said he was impressed with Jessie’s ability to play the women.


Casey and Laura only got a moment to speak.  But who cares, really?

The only player missing from the festivities was Chima, who was removed from the game earlier this summer.  None of the players there in the studio were willing to defend her actions, so Chen quickly moved on.

And The Winner Is…

Finally!  After more banter between the evicted housegeusts and the jury, Chen cozied up to the voting box and revealed each key.

Here’s how the votes broke down:

  • America’s Vote: Jordan.
  • Jessie: Jordan.
  • Lydia:  Jordan.
  • Russell: Natalie.
  • Jeff: Jordan.
  • Michele: Jordan.
  • Kevin: Natalie.

With that, Jordan got the majority of votes and took home the $500,000 prize.  She came out of the house in a huge flash of confetti and embraced her family in a big hug.  After winning the whole thing, Jordan said she was going to put a down payment for her and her family on a house.  She also said she will be giving some cash to her aunt to help pay for relatives to go to college.  She might also be getting a new car for herself.


But that’s not all, after she claimed the big prize, her right-hand man won America’s vote for favorite player.  Yep, Jeff took home the $25,000.


Well, it’s been fun this summer watching all of the drama unfold.  So until next summer’s Big Brother 12, I’m going to cuddle up with a warm blanket and focus my attention toward Survivor: Samoa this Thursday.  Or maybe a Snuggie would be better?  Heck, I could type without the hassle of a pesky blanket, because this one has arms!  Hahaha!

Just saying.


Images provided by CBS.

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