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Flipping Out: Don’t Make Me Enforce A Dress Code

September 15, 2009 08:12 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight Jeff Lewis reaches a “level 10″ on the freak-out scale when a client keeps deferring payments and he has to cover the tab himself. Then things take a turn for the worse when Jeff comes down with food poisoning.  He reaches the obvious conclusion that Zoila was attempting to poison him after intentionally feeding him month old bacon. Aside from these pressing matters, Jeff’s new assistant, Sarah, is being put to the test during her first week on the job.  

 Jeff is focusing on quick turnaround with his remodeling projects.  He is also determined not to turn down any jobs. While he and Jenny are driving to meet up with a client, Jeff informs her that her heels and skirt are completely inappropriate for the job site.  Jeff threatens her that he will enforce a dress code if she doesn’t shape up. Then he makes Jenny climb up on top of the roof in her hooker heels to teach her a lesson.  Jenny says that she learned that fashion comes first.

Sarah, Jeff’s new assistant, is well on her way to impressing Jeff with her design experience, sense of humor, and attention to detail. As he and Sarah drive to meet a client, he dumps all of his emotional concerns upon her regarding Jenny and how she wants to pursue acting.  When he asks her if she is tired of him talking about it she responds by saying, “It’s all about you Jeff.”  Obviously, he smiles and agrees.


Jeff is frustrated that he has to beg his client for money in order to keep the job moving.  Then he realizes that one of his landscapers ordered the wrong size of saucer to place plants, however, they won’t fess up to it.  Jeff is so furious that he will have to pay for their time and labor that he leaves in a rage to go eat lunch.  All the sudden, Jeff feels deathly ill and gets into bed. Eventually, Jeff is completely out of commission and laid up. Jenny takes the place of Jeff and distributes tasks for the day.


When Jenny and Sarah roll up to one of the job sites, they discover Vlad is not being a team player.  After Jenny lays the smack down, they go home to find that Jeff is freaking out that Zoila fed him bacon that was “weeks old.”  Zoila quickly corrects him and says that it was, in fact, “months old.”

Jenny and Sarah continue their quest to lay the smack down.  They are sent to collect money from a client who told them not to cash her check yet. Jeff is very angry and Jenny classifies it as a “level 10 freak out.”  He tells Jenny to let them know that the job will be shut down until they get paid. The lady freaks out and says she won’t talk about money anymore and that she’ll call them later.


Jenny has an epiphany after spending a day in Jeff’s shoes. Jeff also has an epiphany that Zoila clearly tried to poison him with the bacon.  He tells her that he should have submitted it to the lab for testing.

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