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The Biggest Loser: The Biggest Group Yet

September 15, 2009 07:59 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Season 8 is all about new beginnings as various Losers seek the benefits of the ranch to help to turn their lives around from the heartaches that their weight has caused them. We even get see the return of Daniel, the largest teenager from Season 7, who managed to lose over a hundred pounds but still has a couple hundred more pounds he has to contend with.  With a built-in sadness factor each and every week, I guess we will have lots of tears to contend with each episode, and that is just from trainer Bob Harper as we look at the season of second chances.

We start with the obligatory barrage of contestants and some of the stories as to why they got so big and the ridicule they go through as a result of the weight. This season, Bob and Jillian are working together to train the Losers and it looks as though there will be no-holes barred when it comes to training.


The Losers met Host, Alison Sweeney, at the beach and they stormed out of their bus in excitement. Oh, it is all fun and smiles now but soon there will be tears as the gym doors swing open. Ali told the Losers they were walking a mile following in the footsteps of the Losers from Season 7 who did a twenty-six mile marathon. The winner and their partner would also get a pretty valuable prize; immunity. Before Ali sent them on their way, Daniel from Season 7 drove up in a limo to finish his second chance at being The Biggest Loser.

Watching the Losers go the mile was painful to watch and our young Daniel was proving that he learned lessons from Season 7 as he sprinted across the line first. What was even more painful to watch was the several Losers who needed medical attention by the end of the mile run, walk, crawl and Loser Tracey, who was carried across the finish line, had to be airlifted off the course. So, I guess who is ever left standing this season will be the winner.


The Losers assembled for the worse part of their whole journey; the weigh in and this was the biggest group ever but before that, the group got to know each other so teams could be chosen and if you weren’t affected by some of the stories, then get some human blood, for goodness sakes.

After the weigh in, then they went off to the gym and Jillian announced that for the first time, Jillian and Bob were working together to torture the Losers together and it’s about time! Having trainers Bob and Jillian torture without all of the competitive intrigue of season’s past will definitely help.


The Loser, Shay, who was the heaviest person ever on TBL, quit during the first session in the gym, showing us why she probably got that way to begin with. Shay pulled herself back in and Jillian was immediately in her face telling her that if she quits again she will be gone. I love Jillian!

The Losers were off to see Dr. H, the show doctor who would tell them that because they were so big as a group, they would be going through additional tests to help obesity studies, in general. What an honor. What was really telling was that Loser, Sean, reported that he had no medical problems on his forms, which shocked Dr. H and Shay, who is twenty-nine, gauged out at forty-five years, from a medical standpoint due to the fat in her body.


The Last Chance Workout had many of the contestants throwing up by the end of the workout. Jillian and Bob were at their best in the yelling department with the best line of the night coming from Jillian when she said to Mo as she was training him, “You are going to be my bitch, aren’t you?”

The Weigh-In

Alison Sweeney told the Losers that one of them would be heading out the door tonight after the weigh-in. Allison then told Mo that Tracey was still in the hospital after a week and that he would be solely responsible for the team’s percentage tonight.

Daniel and Shay lost 12 and 17 lbs for a 29 lbs weight loss but had immunity.

Amanda and Rebbecca lost 6 and 18 lbs for a 4.54% weigh loss

Rudy and Dian lost 28 and 8 lbs for a 5.18% weight loss

Antoine and Sean lost 18 and 22 lbs for a 4.93% weight loss

Liz and Danny lost 10 and 24 lbs for a 4.88% weight loss

Allen and Abby lost 19 and 15 lbs for a 5.94% weight loss

Alexandra and Julio lost 13 and 13 lbs for a 3.63% weight loss

Mo lost 19 lbs for a 5.35% weight loss, sending the Black Team, Alexandra and Julio, to the group to plead to them all to stay.

The Elimination Chamber

Percentage wise, Alexandra did the better job, but many in the group wanted the one who deserved it more from a personal standpoint to stay. At the elimination table, Alexandra got the first vote to leave; Julio got the second vote; Julio got the third vote; Julio got the forth vote; Alexandra got the next two votes leaving a tie and in the final vote, the Green Team, Allen and Abby, finished off Alexandra to leave the ranch.


At the “What does she look like now” scene, Alexandra has lost over sixty pounds and is on her way to making a difference at the finale.

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