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Holidate: New York & San Francisco

September 16, 2009 10:27 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Holidate, Missy from San Francisco trades places with Carey from New York. Each woman is extremely different in lifestyle and career, yet successfully sat the other up on Holidates with three eligible bachelors. Boat rides, romantic dinners, kite flying, and even bacchi ball ensue as the women choose the man they will give a plane ticket to hopefully take their relationship to the next level.

The first Holidate single was Missy, who’s a 28-year-old self-described virgin, and lives in San Francisco. She works as an executive recruiter and on the weekends loves to cook. She’s tried to meet the right man anywhere and everywhere by going on hundreds of dates, but just cant find him in San Francisco.


Carey is 31 and works as a stage actress in New York City. She loves to travel, but is ready for a life change, wanting to settle down. She’s met a lot of hot guys in the acting biz, but said most of them are arrogant and narcissistic, which is totally unappealing.


The two women met via video conference to determine which three guys each would pick for the other to date in their hometown.

Missy’s first date was with Kyle who is an entrepreneur. They met at the Museum of Natural History, where they took an awesome tour of the place. They talked about sports and she was hilarious talking about the many injuries she’s had calling herself a “walking liability.”


They had a great conversation about family and made each other laugh constantly. At the end of the meal, Kyle gave her a beautiful necklace! OMG!


Carey’s first date was with Vincent, who loves to cook and entertain. They met on Highway 101 by the bay, and took a boat ride. Vincent talked about his invention of an application for the iPhone, called the “PMS Buddy,” which is self-explanatory. Funny, but weird.


After the ride, they ate at a private cabin at the end of the pier. They discussed marriage and children and how neither requires a marriage license to have a valid relationship. After dinner, Vincent gave Carey a CD he burned with songs about San Francisco. Very cute.


Missy’s next date was with Justin who works in advertising. They met at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge where they ate pizza and drank champagne. They talked about each other’s future and families. After eating, they headed to a bar to play some bacchi ball—and then it was over. Their date seemed to fly by and there didn’t seem to be any chemistry at all.


Carey’s second date was with Keith who works in molecular biology. They met at a park and tried to fly a kite, but that failed, so they tried throwing a Frisbee, which wasn’t much better. They ate lunch on a park bench and talked about their likes and dislikes.


Keith gave her dark chocolate for dessert, which looked yummy, and was probably the best part of the date!


Missy’s final date was with Michael, who is a successful attorney. They met at Chelsea Pier and practiced golf in an enclosed area. Missy’s dad is also an attorney so she was immediately attracted to Michael by that lawyer vibe. He told her hadn’t had a serious girlfriend for about 2 years because the dating scene in New York is tough. She talked about her prior relationships and how she’s exhausted her options in San Francisco.


Carey’s last date was with Kevin, who is a recruiter. They met in Pacific Heights and went on a cable car ride to see the sights. Kevin was sharply dressed and very handsome. After their ride they walked into a house and sat down on a balcony—which was strange. The place turned out to be the house of Kevin’s friend, Chris, who is an executive chef and made them a delicious meal. Kevin made a great impression on her and there was never a lull in their conversation.


It was time for the women to determine which man they would give a plane ticket to visit them on their home turf. Missy chose Kevin to visit her.


Carey chose Kevin to give the plane ticket.


Kevin has not yet visited Carey, but she hopes he will come to see her in a play she is in this fall. Unfortunately for Michael, upon returning home Missy started seriously dating a long time family friend and will not be seeing Michael again.

Don’t miss next week’s episode when four women—Brie and Cristina, and Amy and Nina—trade places on the jam-packed season finale of the show…

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