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More To Love: Season Finale

September 16, 2009 12:48 AM by Cindy Adams


On the season finale of More To Love, Luke introduces Tali and Malissa to his father, brother, and grandmother in his idyllic hometown. The women get a visit from Luke’s mother at the mansion, and each woman gets a final date with Luke to find out if she will be the one to give him More To Love.

Tali was the first woman to meet More To Love bachelor Luke’s family in his hometown of Santa Maria, California. First, the two of them had a great picnic in the park and Tali was worried about how his family would accept her because she is of the Jewish faith and Luke is Christian.


Finally, they arrived at his father’s home and Tali met Mike, Luke’s dad, Michael, his brother, and his grandmother.


They all ate a great meal outside and then went in the house where his father brought up the subject of religion. He asked about her religion and if she married Luke, what religion their children would be raised. Tali said they would probably share both beliefs with their children and Luke valiantly tried to deflect the questions toward her as his father kept hounding her about religion. Things were a little tense, but all-in-all, the meeting went well.


Next was Malissa’s day, and before meeting the family, she and Luke played pool and ate pizza.


Then they headed over to the family home where Malissa met the Conley clan. His father remarked she has Irish eyes—whatever that is. His father obviously liked Malissa more than Tali and told Luke his decision should be easy and that Malissa would make a great wife. Grandma was won over by Malissa as well. Urgh! But, the women were yet to meet Luke’s mother, who he respects immensely.


Luke’s mother, Faith, showed up at the mansion and is a young, fantastic looking woman. Tali and Malissa ate breakfast with her and Malissa totally hogged the conversation, but Faith was not impressed.


It became very uncomfortable as both women were vying for his mother’s approval and attention. Luke joined them and it was obvious his mother had an instant rapport with Tali.


Each of the women had a private chat and his mother, and in the end she thought Tali would be an asset and a good wife to Luke. Yippee! Finally, someone who didn’t get the wool pulled over their eyes by Malissa.

Next, the women had their final dates with Luke. Tali was up first and the pair went out for a romantic dinner. They talked, and it was so sweet how sincere and gracious Tali was in her expression of emotion for him. After they talked, they shared a romantic kiss and Tali said “I love you.” Luke said “I love you too” and they kissed even more. Very sweet!


On their last date, Luke and Malissa dined outside in a very romantic setting. She was cocky, acting like she had the whole competition in the bag. During dinner, she told him if he asked her to marry him she would definitely say “yes.” They kissed and then stared at each other, and she continued to feed him compliments. They kissed some more and she said “I do love you” and he said “I love you” back to her twice. Oh no!


The next day, Luke went to a jewelry store to pick an engagement rings for each of the women. While he was doing that, the women got their hair and make up done.


The time finally came for Luke to decide which woman he would choose for a mate. Malissa was first to arrive at the mansion, and I have to admit, her hair and make up looked awesome. Luke held her hand, told her he loved her, and how their lives could mesh easily—BUT his heart belonged to someone else.


She was blindsided and claimed to be upset, but didn’t begin to cry about the whole thing in the limousine until she questioned out loud why Tali was better than her. The whole thing seemed like a big game to her and she probably would have broken Luke’s heart in the end.


Tali arrived at the mansion and looked gorgeous. Luke told her how beautiful she looked, but said that if they were together they would have obstacles to face—which made her think he was turning her down. But, he continued saying he had something to ask her and got down on one knee and proposed.


Wow! She was literally shaking and could barely talk, but said in an excited whisper, “yes.”


They kissed, laughed, joyously shouted, and it was great! He definitely picked the right woman! Congratulations to Luke and Tali!


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