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Adoption Diaries: Whittney, Greg and Kolene

September 17, 2009 08:09 AM by Christine McDow


I have a new favorite show.  One that pulls at the heartstrings and causes both laughter and tears.  Adoption Diaries is the newest great show from WE and they did not disappoint.  While we know not all adoptions end well, the first story aired for Adoption Diaries really did help give hope and faith to parents that are longing to have a family.

The first episode of Adoption Diaries focused on a couple that ran a farm in Illinois named Whittney and Greg who could not have children of their own.  Whittney spoke openly about how all she really ever wanted to do was be a mother and how she blamed herself for the fact that the couple could not have kids.


Kolene, the birth mother, was a 26 year old mother to be who did not feel like she could give her child the life she had growing up.  It was important to her that her son have two parents, security and love.  Kolene was adopted herself, but hers was a closed adoption and she has always felt as if she was missing something by not knowing who her parents were.  Kolene grew up on a farm with animals and was immediately drawn to Whittney and Greg because their lifestyle was so close to hers.

The three met and all felt that instant connection.  As time got closer the director of the Independent Adoption Center, Dr Jennifer Bliss, sat down with all three to help them better understand what was going to be happening and the emotions involved.  For the first time Kolene seemed to be thinking twice about giving her son up for adoption.


All the parties knew that it may not go through, yet Whittney and Greg were hopeful as they waited for the birth of the baby boy.  Even though Kolene had stated that she wanted Whittney and Greg in the room, her mother came in, took over and kicked them out.  After months of telling Kolene they would not support her, it seemed like her parents were trying to convince her to keep the baby.

When the baby was finally born via c-section, we got to watch Whittney and Greg as they fell in love with this baby.  Then we had to see them hand the baby to Kolene while they talked to Dr Bliss who flew in to try and help the families.  After Whittney and Greg left the room, and left the little boy in Kolene’s arms, Kolene told Dr Bliss that she did still want to go through with the adoption.  The next day, while she was holding her son, the lawyer called to get verbal authorization to file the papers that would terminate Kolene’s rights.  While listening to the crackling in her voice, the viewers heard Kolene say to do it.


In the end Kolene went through with the adoption and Whittney and Greg were able to take their son home and start their life together as a family of three.  Kolene was able to go back to work and ride horses again, getting back to some semblance of a normal life.  The show ended by letting us know that Whittney and Greg had invited Kolene out for the baby’s, whom they named Greyson, Christening.


While watching this show and hearing Whittney talk about seeing the world through her baby’s eyes, and seeing the smiles, I just wanted to go wake up my own sleeping baby and hold him tight.  Adoption Diaries, which airs right after The Locator, is one that I will anticipate watching every week.

Photo credit: WE

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