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Models Of The Runway: Pretty Predictable Elimination

September 17, 2009 09:13 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway has settled into a fairly predictable sequence as the models realize that, with each passing week, that the designers are sticking pretty true to their models as they all become familiar with each other. After the newsprint challenge, Johnny’s model was finding herself on the outside looking in knowing that unless something drastic happened, she was headed home as well.

The models watched as Johnny was eliminated and they all said their goodbyes to him, as his model, Emarie, lurked about in the background knowing she was probably screwed. The models were then all laughing about how Nicolas threw Johnny under the bus when he basically called him a liar in front of the judges.


Heidi then had her sit-down with the models and asked them how uncomfortable the designs of paper were. One model even said that since the designers said that they could not move around, she was wearing depends.

Our favorite model, Fatma, was making no friends as she went about her weekly bitch session against America and how bad she thinks America is. Nice! I guess that is why she came over from Africa to try to become an international superstar as a model here.


Emarie was lamenting her fate with the other models and hoping that one of the designers would see some promise in her. The following day, Fatam and several of the other models, who were from different countries, seemed to band together and the cliques, they were a-forming, even giving each other group names, one being “The Dream Team.” Oh brother!

Elimination Day

Heidi then gathered the designers together for the model picking and it seemed to follow suit once again as the designers stayed true to the models they had been with for the last couple of challenges.


As the girls were coming back, some were sad when they realized that Emarie was probably going home and it was up to Epperson to make the final decision. True to form, Emarie was heading home and I have a feeling that things may just change next week and my suspicions were borne out as Heidi announced in next week’s previews that the designers would have to switch up their models.

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