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The Locator: A Father’s Amends, A Daughter’s Last Hope

September 17, 2009 08:42 AM by Christine McDow

the-locator-troy-dunn-1We were so excited this last week as it led up to the premiere of the third season of The Locator.  Troy Dunn seems to be a miracle worker who is always finding family members for the most touching reunions, and so far we have been shown mostly successes.


This week there was a special one hour episode of The Locator where Troy attempted to reunite two fathers with their two daughters.   That is about where all the similarities stopped however.

In the first story, the daughter who was named Cindy was battling terminal cancer and only wanted to see her father again and tell him that she loved him.  Her mom had divorced him while pregnant with her and moved away with another man.  When Cindy was about 12 years old her aunt found her father and for a few months they built a relationship on the weekends, then her mother packed her up and disappeared once again.  Now a mother of four, Cindy wants desperately to see her father one more time before she dies and she wants to introduce him to her family.  Douglas, her father, tells Troy that he did try to find his daughter again, even contacting a relative that refused to tell him where she was.  He is very happy and excited about seeing his daughter and his heartbroken to learn that she is dying.  Troy reunites the family and you can see that the love Douglas has for is daughter is real and that he has every intention of remaining in her life.


In the second story Troy Dunn is contacted by a father named Robert and his daughter Joyce.  The Locator is asked by them to help find his daughter, Rebekah.  Troy finds her easily enough, but it is clear that she is a very hurt and very angry young woman.  Robert was a drug addict that would not clean up for his daughter which led to Rebekah’s mom moving her away when she was three years old.  Rebekah blames her father for it and for just about everything else that has gone wrong in her life it seems.  Rebekah agrees to go with Troy Dunn and is very happy to find that her grandmother, who her mom only said nice things about, is at the reunion as well.  The moments with Joyce and Rebekah are touching, and then walks in her father who smartly doesn’t try to grab and hug her.  Rebekah lets him know how she feels, no hold bar, and he walks outside by himself to give her time, while her grandmother tries to convince Rebekah to give him a chance.


In the end we learn that Cindy is still alive, and that her father visits her often, even going to her doctors appointments with her.  He has really shown that he is stepping up to do all he can now, to make up for the years he missed.  Rebekah and her grandmother talk daily.  We are told that her father co-signed on her college housing, but we are not told why or if they are forming any relationship.

Once again The Locator managed to leave good feelings of communication, reunion and relationships.  We can not wait until this Saturday when it airs again.

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