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Dancing With The Stars 09/21/09: The Men Premiere Their Moves

September 21, 2009 07:56 PM by Paulene Hinds


The biggest dance show is back and this season on Dancing With The Stars, 16 couples will be battling it out in a three night premiere. The men will compete tonight, the ladies tomorrow night and the results show will be on Wednesday, when two couples will be leaving the dance floor. The show promises to have many surprises in store for the viewers this season and with the first relay dance ever to be performed on a premiere night, it will be exciting to see what else they have in store for us. Let the dancing begin!


The show began with a rockin’ rendition of The Boys Are Back In Town with the male pros taking to the dance floor. It was smokin’ HOT! The couples were introduced and this year the line up is better than ever. It doesn’t look like there will be any two left footed dancers this season, but we haven’t seen anyone dance yet, so who knows what will happen tonight.

Tonight the men danced a ballroom and latin dance, two dances on the first night which is the first time ever on Dancing With The Stars. The first couple to dance tonight was singer Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff. Aaron said that his hips are the most difficult part of learning the Cha Cha Cha. His hips looked okay to me and his arm lines were amazing, especially for a first dance. They had a bit of a slip at the end, but overall…WOW! Len Goodman the head judge said that the dance was full of potential and a great start to the show, Bruno Tonioli said that he was too sharp and pushed it too much, and Carrie Ann Inaba said that little Aaron Carter is all grown up, an excellent way to start the night. They received 7, 8 and 7 a score of 22.


Next, the ultimate mixed martial artist fighting champion Chuck Liddell hit the floor fighting with Anna Trebunskaya. Their first dance was the Fox trot and Mark was excited to show the softer side of himself and Anna was going to make sure that he smiled so that he didn’t scare everybody. Chuck wasn’t very smooth on the floor and his routine was more like a comedy act, but he did smile. Bruno said that the Fox trot was very rough, but the couple are charming, Carrie Ann said that even though they were not graceful, they were charming, Len welcomed Chuck to the show and told Chuck to get in touch with his feminine side a little bit more. The couple scored 6, 5 and 5 a score of 16 for their first try out there.


Martial Artist and Iron Chef, Mark Dacascos had the pleasure of dancing with the rebel of the dance floor, Lacey Schwimmer this season and tonight they were dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Mark is very, very flexible as he competed in martial arts for 11 years. Lacey planned on showcasing his strengths in his dance and show America he can dance too. Their Cha Cha Cha was to…Kung Fu Fighting…of course! He has to work on his hip action and I think that they should have danced more in the routine, but his body wave was awesome. Carrie Ann started off the comments by saying that she loved the Asian theme. She thought that his arms were a little all over the place, meanwhile Len wasn’t happy with the Kung Fu and didn’t want it in every dance. Bruno said that the dance was partly a treat and the tricks threw him off and the talent is there so he should use it, dance talent that is. They received triple 7′s a 21.


Actor, comedian and son of George Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton was dancing with Edyta Sliwinska. She danced with his father on the show as well in a past season. The biggest challenge for the couple tonight was that Ashely had been in a motorcycle accident in the past and he has a few difficulties with his left side. They danced a Fox trot tonight that was smooth and sexy. Len said that the dance lacked a bit of finesse and Tony thought that the dance was dead and Ashely needed to learn how to sell it. Carrie Ann felt that Ashley needed to define himself and said that when he danced the Salsa next, he should knock them dead. They received 5, 6 and 4 from the judges…awww a 15. I thought they were cute out there.


The famous showbiz legend Donny Osmond and my favorite, was dancing with Kym Johnson this season. He better dance hard to do better than his sister Marie, who was on the show two seasons ago. Their first dance was the Fox trot and Donny was having a challenge when practicing intimate holds. Well if he was trying to prove that Marie isn’t the only dancer in the family, he did it tonight. He sure has pizazz out there and had the crowd cheering him on. He gave his wife a big kiss at the end of the routine…awww! Bruno said that his routine was full of drama and he can sell it, but his shoulders need to be up and Carrie Ann agreed that they want to see the ballroom dancing. Len said that it was too much razzamatazz…this is ballroom! Their scores were 7, 6 and 7 a score of 20 for tonight.


Next up was champion snowboarder Louie Vita and his partner Chelsie Hightower. Louie was getting frustrated because he couldn’t get the dance right off. He was hoping to bring some grace to the ballroom when they danced their Fox trot tonight. The couple had fun with the rotuine and Louie has a loveable quality about him…the teens will love him for sure, but I don’t know if he is known enough to get the votes. Carrie Ann was surprised and said that she really enjoyed the dance. Len didn’t like his hair as it wasn’t what he expected to see in the ballroom, but he liked his technique and hold. Bruno said he was so cute it was like watching a dancing hobbit! He received 6, 7 and 6 from the judges a 19.


Coming to the floor next was the record setting NFL hall of famer Michael Irvin and his partner Anna Demidova. He really had to work on his hips and was wondering why he took on the challenge of Dancing With The Stars in the first place. He was hoping to beat Jerry Rice’s 21 tonight. He was sweet to watch, but I was expecting more groove and dance moves from him. He has a beautiful smile for sure! SEXY! Len said that he didn’t think it was a great first dance for him, Bruno said that Michael has a great presence, but the footwork was out, the timing was out and content was out. Carrie Ann felt that Michael beat Jerry Rice, but he has to be pushed a little harder. When the scores of 5, 4 and 4 were revealed he did not beat Jerry Rice…he received a 13.


The last male dancer tonight was Tom Delay who has been a Washington representative for over 30 years. He was dancing with Cheryl Burke this season and their first dance was the Cha Cha Cha. Why does Cheryl always get the crappy guys??? Tom said that he felt like a complete goose when he danced and he definately is a conservative! Their Cha Cha Cha wasn’t exactly what I expected. They danced to Wild Thing and his hips were rockin’ to the music the whole time. Good for them. Bruno said that he was crazier than Sarah Palin and he thought that the little Cha Cha Cha wasn’t too bad. Carrie Ann said the routine was surreal and he had a natural grace. Len said the Cha Cha Cha bit was very good, but the rest was not his cup of tea. They received 6, 5 and 5 a 16.

Next the relay dance took place. This is the first time ever on Dancing With The Stars that a relay round has taken place in the first week. For the first group it was the Salsa and the team dancers were Donny, Ashley, Chuck and Louie. This was a chance for the dancers to showcase their talents in a 30 second partnering. I thought Donny was smooth and sexy and Ashley was right up there as well. Carrie Ann thought that Donny smoked them, Len and Bruno agreed with her. The Salsa relay scores for the first group was: 4th place with 4 points was Ashley and Edyta,  in third place with 6 points Chuck and Anna, in second place with 8 points Louie and Chelsie and the winner was Donny and Kym with 10 points.

Next up trying to redeem themselves were Aaron, Mark, Tom and Michael. They danced the Viennese Waltz. Aaron may just be the dark horse of the competition and the one to watch as he was smooth with his moves tonight. Tom Delay reminded me of when I once danced with my father on Saturdays at what I sweetly called the Old Timer dances when I was young. Mark was a little stiff again, but it was okay. Len thought that Tom’s dance was a bit skitty and enjoyed Mark’s routine. Bruno loved Aaron’s control of the stage, but loved Mark the best. Carrie Ann said that Michael and Anna performed much better, and complimented Aaron and Tom for their smoothness and grace and Mark for his movements. The ranking for team two was: 4th place with 4 points was Tom and Cheryl, in third place with 6 points Michael and Anna, in second place with 8 points Mark and Lacey and in first place were Aaron and Karina with 10 points.

So for the first night of season 9 of Dancing With The Stars we have at the top of the leader board, Aaron and Karina and at the bottom, Michael and Edyta!

Tomorrow in night two, the ladies will dance for the judges and your votes on Dancing With The Stars at 8 PM ET only on ABC.

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