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Jon & Kate: Food, Games & Pain

September 21, 2009 07:09 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although the show is called Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon was entirely absent from tonight’s episode.  This one only featured Kate as she took the kids to her favorite farm, played all sorts of board games and made a trip to a hospital after one of the kids hurt their foot.

To start off the day, Kate took the kids to Henry’s farm, and when they arrived, the kids were super excited to see all of the huge watermelons and vegetables.  Kate said that she used to go to that farm all the time — once or twice a day to get the best produce around.  She had not been there in quite some time, and this visit was very emotional for her since it reminded her of easier times in life.  She said it is great to visit Henry and his farm because he simply knows her as Kate — not as a reality star since he does not own a television.


After they loaded up all of their stuff from Henry’s farm, they stopped at a neighborhood playground, which resulted in a rush of memories for Kate yet again.

When dinner was ready and it was time to chow, they all gathered around the table and said a phrase they used to say all the time.  “Jesus made it, Henry growed it, mommy cooked it and we ate it.”  After everybody scarfed down the grub, the kids helped Kate clean up.

But during dinner Cara complained for the fourth time that her foot was in pain, so Kate called to make an appointment.  The doctor offered to see her later that night, so a babysitter took her over right away.  Kate stayed home to play games with the other seven kids as she had promised them.


When all that fun was over, Kate got a phone call from the doctor’s office.  They said that Cara needed to get an X-ray done of her foot to figure out exactly what was causing the pain.  Later that night, Kate took her to the hospital and they found she had soft-tissue bruising.

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