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Models Of The Runway: A Shock Sends A Confident One Home

September 24, 2009 09:02 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway finally gives us a little less predictability as host Heidi Klum will announce that there will be a wee bit of a shakeup this week. With the designers and the models becoming comfortable with each other, it is good to make everyone have to work a little harder and give the girls all a chance to sweat it out a bit as the designers all choose new models to strut their stuff.

The models watched Ra’mon hit the bricks and his model thought for sure she was headed out the door with him. Fatma was sweating it out, thinking that she might me headed out the door if Louise was gone too. All of the models seem to get comfortable thinking they were safe, but Fatma seemed to have a pretty realistic attitude about it all when she said, “People go home, hearts get broken.”


Heidi had a chit-chat with the girls and gave them a pep-talk and said that one of them would be out. Vanessa was sulking around thinking that the designers would all be faithful to their models as she got back to the loft with the other models.

The girl’s attention then turned towards Logan, who was deemed the single straight guy in the competition that they thought was hot. They might as well back it off, though, as Carol Hannah and Logan definitely have sparks flying.


It was clear that many of the models were very confident that they were safe, but few of them were aware of what was in store for them. Heidi greeted the designers and told them that they were all to pick different models and both the designers and the models jaws hit the floor simultaneously.


After the carnage was done, our girl, Fatma, the boisterous one who always had something negative to say, had an attitude adjustment big time when she was the odd woman out and was sent packing. All that trash-talking finally caught up with her and the model house breathed a collective sigh of relief as she breezed out the door.


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