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Project Runway: Curse Of The Movie Genre Sinks One

September 24, 2009 08:42 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway takes on Hollywood as the designers go all glam with actual movie-inspired designs and the stress begins to take its toll. With the designers getting pared away little by little, we can now start to care a bit more about some of our favorites and the bitchiness can expected to be ratcheted up even more. Just another day on the Runway!

Host Heidi Klum told the designers that they were headed to a Hollywood stage to greet Tim and some guy from L’Oreal. Each of the designers was to reach into a bag and pick a movie genre and design a design that would fit in that movie. No one wanted the Western designs as they all seemed to think it was about denim and spurs.


Carol Hannah and Logan were working close together and a bit of romantic sparks seemed to be flying all over the place. All of the designers seemed to be having a bit of trouble defining their pieces and to make matters even worse; it was a one-day challenge.

Of course, the perennial bottom-feeder, Nicolas, was giving us a running commentary about designers he thought was in danger and this week, it was Louise. Nicolas seemed to think he was out of her element and didn’t have a handle on her design. Need I remind you that Nicolas has been in the bottom for the last couple of challenges?

Tim was in to find out who was having a challenge with their designs. Tim was having trouble with Ra’mon and Christopher’s design but thought that Louise had a beautiful design but thought that it may not hold up on the Runway.


The mouth, Nicolas, was making a Western design that was a bit out there with and all white and then focused his arrows on Ra’mon, saying that the Sci-Fi design worried him. Well, since Michael Kors has been noticeably absent as of late, maybe Nicolas can take over Kors place on the judge’s panel when he gets eliminated.

Day of The Runway Show

Tim was in to tell the designers that they had two hours to get their act together and in came the models. Ra’mon was sure he wasn’t going to be in the top three, but probably had enough to be safe until the next challenge.


Nicolas said everybody was getting cranky as the stress was picking up and with Tim telling everybody that somebody was going home every other minute, the mood definitely was a bit tense.

Heidi was out to remind the designers about what they had designed, like they didn’t know, introduced the judges, no Garcia or Kors, and started the show. Most of the designs seemed pretty decent, but I didn’t like Gordana’s or Louise’s designs at all.


Heidi sent some to safety, leaving Gordana’s boring flapper design, Nicolas’s Sci-Fi design, which seemed to be loved by the judges, Louise Film-Noir design, which was a mess, Christopher’s Period Piece, which was called elegant design, Ra’mon’s Sci-Fi design was called a “School-Project”, which meant they essentially hated the design and Epperson had a Western design that was called, “Fabulous and Creative” by the judges. It was a bit unusual that the judges liked several of the designs and it looks like Gordana, Louise and Ra’mon were in the most trouble, but probably he is not going home.


After the judges discussion, the designers were called out and Gordana and Epperson were said to be safe and Nicolas earned his mouth award as he won the challenge. Christopher was safe, leaving Ra’mon and Louise to sweat it out. Louise was savaged the most of the two, but Ra’mon’s lizard looking design was called a mess and he was “Auwt”.


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