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Adoption Diaries: An Easy Decision

September 27, 2009 03:27 PM by Christine McDow


On another episode of Adoption Diaries, a 23 year old mom named Sara who already has a three year old son and is pregnant with a little girl.  Jolie and Glenn are a couple from San Diego that desperately want to have a family, but are unable to do so on their own.

Thanks to Adoption Diaries, Dr Jennifer Bliss met with Jolie and Glenn at the Independent Adoption Center about an open adoption.  After many months they were picked by Sara.  Sara feels very good about her decision to give Jolie and Glenn her baby.  She introduces the viewers to her 3 year old son who she admits is a handful and who takes up all of her time.

Sara takes her mother with her to meet Jolie and Glenn face to face.  They get to know each other and try to find a common ground and interests and at times there is uncomfortable silence.  They then head to the meeting with Dr Bliss where they discuss all the details.  Sara says that she is doing the best for her baby, even though it is very hard for her to give up the little girl she has always wanted.


As the day of the birth gets closer it is clear that Sara is getting emotional about giving up her baby.  Will she go through with it?  Jolie and Glenn make the drive up to the town that Sara lives in so that they can be at the hospital during Sara’s scheduled c-section.  Jolie is there and takes the little girl they named Emma to meet her biological mother.  It is clearly a sad day for Sara but she seems positive as she cuddles her daughter.


Glenn, Jolie and Sara share the parenting while in the hospital where they all do lots of bonding and take a lot of pictures.  Sara’s mother brings her son to the hospital to meet his sister before they are sent home and all the tears start flowing (including mine!).  When it becomes time to leave they all walk out together, and it is clear that they are all a big, extended family.

For the update we learn that Glenn and Jolie have gone so far as to keep their own little Adoption Diaries, a blog updated for Sara to stay caught up with the daughter she gave birth too.  They also send pictures frequently.  Because of the closeness in distance between their two homes they plan on visiting frequently.

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