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Adoption Diaries: An Indiana Couple Adopts

September 27, 2009 02:22 PM by Christine McDow


In this episode of Adoption Diaries, Michael and Mimi wanted a big family, but have only been successful in having one biological child.  They have turned to adoption and are hoping to adopt Janelle’s baby.  Janell lives in Salt Lake City, UT and has opted to do an open adoption for her son.

Janell got pregnant by a boyfriend in CA but quickly found herself alone and moved home until her baby is born.  She feels like adoption is the best for her baby, but is it going to be too hard in the end?

Michael and Mimi had to go through IVF to conceive their 4 year old son and were crushed when four attempts at it did not result in a baby.  They began working with Dr Jennifer Bliss and Adoption Diaries in an open adoption and were quickly contacted by Janell.


The first meeting between Mimi, Michael and Janell went well for all parties even though they all felt the stress.  Mimi felt close to Janell and admitted that it would be hard for them to watch Janelle go through the process.   Mimi says it would be devastating if Janell changed her mind and Janell says that sometimes she wonders if she could give her son what he needs.

Adoption Diaries followed Dr Jennifer Bliss went to SLC to meet with the three adults to help them bridge any gaps that there might be in the adoption process.  Janell wants to make sure that her son knows that she loves him and that it was not an easy decision.  Dr Bliss wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the birth plan, who is there, who holds the baby first and how involved Janell is going to be.  Janell says that she wants to be able to hold her baby but part of her wonders if she will change her mind.  Mimi looks petrified and says that they have prepared themselves as much as they can knowing that it is possible that Janell will change her mind.

Mimi and Michael, along with their son Alex, travel to Utah and rent a short term stay apartment unit while they wait for the birth of Janell’s baby.  It is two weeks until the due date and they are just trying to pass time until the big call came in that Janell was in labor.  Mimi goes in the room with Janell while Michael waits in the waiting room.  During labor Janell decides that she doesn’t want cameras in the delivery room.  The baby is born and Mimi takes him to the nursery where he meets Michael and Alex.


After the birth Janell surprises everyone by being in a hurry to leave the hospital.  Mimi and Michael are afraid that she is going to want to take baby Owen with her.  After meeting with a social working Janell does relinquish her rights as a the baby’s mother.

In the update we learned that Janell is now content with her decision to place her son up for adoption and is planning on going back to college.  She has visited with Mimi and Michael and they plan on making the visit an annual event.

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