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Amazing Race 15: Lots of Bad Luck

September 27, 2009 07:59 PM by Christine McDow


Well we were promised a good season of Amazing Race and it definitely started out that way. Unfortunately for one team the season was very short and they really didn’t get a chance. That is right, one of the twelve teams didn’t even get past the starting line of Amazing Race. How bad does that bite?


Amazing Race started in Los Angles and began with a clue on top of the bags of each team and that will be the start of the race. The first challenge is on the other side of the backpacks and the details are in the clue. The team that can not complete the challenge will be eliminated immediately. The teams look shocked.

The contestants find out they are going to Tokyo. There are 11 license plates that have the city symbol on it that matches the clue. The 11 teams to find the license plate will get a ticket to Tokyo. The team that doesn’t will go home. All the teams immediately grab Asian license plates and none of them get it right quickly. Justin figures out that there is a figure on teh clue they have to match up.

Maria and Tiffany are the first team to find the clue, then Marcy and Ron, Meghan & Cheyne, Flight Team and Big Easy, Gary and Matt, Zev and Justin, Sam and Dan, Mika and Canaan, Garrett and Jessica, Brian and Erika, and the last team to make it was Lance and Keri. That means that the team of Eric and Lisa were immediately eliminated. It is a great twist to the game but I feel so bad for them!


The teams get to Tokyo and head to The Tokyo Tower to find what looks like a Japanese Game Show that they must compete at. The teams are all very excited and seem to be having a ton of fun. They find out they are playing a game called, “Sushi Roulette”. The teams have to spin a wheel and eat whatever they land on, either sushi or a wasabi rok and they have to keep eating until they get the entire wasabi rok. They could only get a clue when they ate the entire wasabi rok and they only had 2 minutes.

The first two to eat the wasabi rok in whole were Ron and Cheyne who took their partners Meghan and Marcy and selected a group of Japanese from the audience by the color of their hats and had to lead them through a busy intersection to the first pit stop. In order, the next teams to go through were Jev and Justin, Garrett and Jessica, Maria and Tiffany (however it took Maria two tries in a row and telling her partner that she couldn’t do it again before she finally got it), Flight Team and Big Easy, Lance and Keri, Mika and Canaan, Gary and Matt, (Brian and Erika tried it but Brian couldn’t get the wasabi down in time), Sam and Dan, and then all that was left was Brian and Erika who had to try again and barely got the wasabi down in the last split second. Erika was very supportive yelling at Brian the whole time and then telling him that he can throw up later.


The teams on the street are frantically running their groups to the pit stop and Meghan and Cheyne come in first, winning a trip for two to Aspen and Vail. Next in were Zev and Justin, Lance and Keri, Marcy and Ron, Flight Team and Big Easy, Brian and Erika (who got very lucky and got help from a local who knew where they were supposed to go), Gary and Matt, Garrett and Jessica, Sam and Dan, Mika and Canaan (who were slowed down because they didn’t have all one of their people), and lastly Maria and Tiffany who also lost two of their people. Luckily for them it was a non-elimination round so they are still in the game however facing a two hour penalty and a speed bump during the next leg of the race.


After getting some sleep the teams are told they will be going to Vietnam. Everyone getting tickets was fun, but they all ended up on the same flight leaving at 1030am. The two hour penalty didn’t hurt Maria and Tiffany too much. The other teams seem very irritated at them. However their fans recognize them and the Sam and Dan who didn’t want to tell anyone they are gay figure out that the non-profit volunteers are really poker players and the poker players figure out the guys are gay. They seem to form an alliance based on keeping secrets. However, it doesn’t take long for other teams to start figuring out that the girls are really poker players and they say, “Game on.”

The teams race to get on buses once they get to Vietnam. The teams that didn’t make the first bus see the bus drive away and get very irritated that the front teams have an hour plus leadway over them. The teams on the second bus get together and pay extra so that their bus will leave early. The first bus gets to the boat dock and discover that it is closed until 7am the next morning. That means the second bus wasted their money because when they get there everyone has to wait and are on the same playing field.

When morning comes they find out that they have to fertilize a tree with mud. Sounds easy, but we think it will be a bit more difficult than you would think. Maria and Tiffany hit their speed bump at this point too and are told they have to go to the town and buy ingredients for a soup and then serve it to a man at the boat dock before they can start fertilizing their tree.

It doesn’t take Maria and Tiffany too long and they go to join their teammates who are all having trouble of their own getting enough mud around the trees while getting themselves unstuck constantly. It is always fun on this show watching the locals laughing at the Americans.

First out of the mud is Meghan and Cheyne. They are followed by Garrett and Jessica, Brian and Erika, Flight Time and Big Easy, Dan and Sam, Ron and Marcy, Lance and Keri, Zev and Justin (who lost their clue), Mika and Canaan, and then Maria and Tiffany who almost catch up to Zev and Justin while they are looking for their clue.

The racers hit a road block where they have to herd ducks from their pen, across a bridge, back across the bridge and back in the pen. The racers have only 10 minutes to do it in and if they do not succeed they have to get in line and try again later. This really opens the competition up to any team.

In order the teams to complete it and get the clue to the next pit stop were Sam and Dan, Gary and Matt, Flight Time and Big Easy, Lance and Keri, Zev and Justin, Maria and Tiffany, Meghan and Cheyne, Mika and Canaan, Marcy and Ron, Brian and Erika and finally Jessica and Garrett.


Into the pit stop the order was Gary and Matt who won a kayak, Sam and Dan, Flight Time and Big Easy, Lance and Keri, Zev and Justin, Meghan and Cheyne, Maria and Tiffany, Mika and Canaan and then Marcy and Ron. It was a foot race for Brian and Erika and Jessica and Garrett with Brian and Ericka coming out on top. That means that Jessica and Garrett were sent home. Garrett is clearly angry. Garrett says she is what he wants in a partner, but he doesn’t know if they are closer to marriage.

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