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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Huber Family

September 27, 2009 06:00 PM by Candace Young


As the newest season of Extreme Makeover Home Edition begins on ABC, Ty Pennington and his design team for the week – Paige, Paul, and Eduardo, head to Superior, Wisconsin to wake up the Huber family! The family consists of father Howie, who is a firefighter, mom, Jesse, and small children Rosie and Henry. Howie became a fireman because he loves to help those in need, but ironically, his own home has one thing after another failing in it, and his family is actually living in danger. Read on to find out what happens, and who comes to help out!

Huber Family Part I

Ty Pennington arrives at the Huber family home with the design team and an army of volunteers and Arno Kahn, the builder. He tells the overjoyed family that they will be heading to Hawaii while ABC builds them a new home in a week! Ty goes through the house with Howie and Jesse and discovers that among other things, the septic doesn’t work, the front porch is almost detached from the house, the hard wood floors are rotten, and when the toilet is flushed – it comes up out of the ground outside!

Howie and his family are eco-conscious, and have a vegetable garden and chickens to provide their own food. Eduardo meets with the builders, who point out that the land is in the middle of a big field, so they can use wind power to keep the family’s energy costs down. Paige discovers that Henry loves fishing and the outdoors, and Paul discovers that little Rosie loves bugs! Ty speaks to Jesse about her hobbies, and she mentions that she used to love doing pottery.


Ty announces that they’re going to need more help than he first realized, and head into the town’s restaurants to round up more volunteers! He also returns with one of televisions favorite moms – actress Patricia Heaton! She speaks about how much it means to her to be able to participate in this Extreme Makeover on ABC.

Once the Hubers have thanked all the volunteers and headed out on vacation, Ty Pennington and Patricia Heaton go to visit the fire department where Howie works. Ty enlists the entire fire department’s help in going to demolish the existing help. Ty and Patricia put on fire gear, and Paul participates in a mock fire, as they smoke the house out! Watching via video, Howie is pleased to see the fire safety message getting out. Once the fire is out, Ty hollers and carries on wildly as the excavator comes in and tears the house down.

Patricia Heaton digs right in during the construction of the new home. She even gets to operate an excavator shovel! Paige is busy working on Henry’s outdoor themed room – she has a canoe! Ty calls the Huber family in Hawaii and tells them that he has planned for them to take a helicopter ride over a volcano that day!


In keeping with the environmentally friendly themes, Ty is making a coffee table out of old wooden pallets and Eduardo is using the trees they had to take down in the master bedroom. Patricia helps Paul work on Rosie’s bug room, and later, Paul decides that he needs to find a way to honor Howie and the other firefighters.

In Hawaii, the Hubers are out on the ocean, and when they return, they get to open the package Ty gave them before they left – it’s a GPS for the family to do one of their favorite things – geo-caching – which is a scavenger hunt in which you follow co-ordinates on the GPS. They are led to a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid car – Ty phones and tells them they can keep it! Jesse notes that it will make so much difference in their lives!

Back at the building site, Eduardo is working on a compost/worm box, and manages to get a screeching reaction from Patricia Heaton as he almost gives her a handful of worms. Ty, meanwhile, works on a cement heat-insulating wall to reflect heat back into the room from the woodstove.

In Hawaii, the Huber family has located a treasure box – inside is a video of Ty Pennington telling them that Disney Vacations has donated three more vacations for them for the future – including a visit to Disneyland, and a return trip to Hawaii!

Huber Family Part II

Patricia Heaton graciously meets with fans and volunteers outside the Huber building site, and speaks to Janie, a local mother who Howie pulled out of a fire along with her sons. Paige is making a mountain bunk bed for Henry Huber, and Eduardo is building a chicken coop! Paul meets with a local artist named Justin who sculpts with a chainsaw. They decide to make a sculpture of a fireman saving a child.

Ty and Patricia head to a local pottery place and spin some clay to make pots for an herb garden that will go in the kitchen. When Ty helps Patricia with her pot, the music from the movie Ghost (with the infamous sensual pottery scene) plays!

Ty continues to work on the concrete wall behind the woodstove, and Paige oversees the building of a new treehouse for Henry outside. When Ty and Patricia help a group of kids decorate the pottery, he marvels when most of them say they want to be firefighters when they grow up!

The design team gathers with volunteers and firefighters outside the firehouse, and the Huber family is contacted in Hawaii by video. Paul leads the presentation of the beautiful sculpture of the firefighter rescuing a child, and introduces musical group Five For Fighting, who are there to perform their song Chances for the crowd and the Huber family.


The finishing touches are made on the interior of the new Huber family home on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Ty hollers at everyone to bring in the furniture!

Finally it’s time for the Hubers to return home, but first, the chickens are shown their new state-of-the-art chicken home as Patricia Heaton and her son, who came to help, chant, “Move that cart!” Patricia holds a hen and mock cries tears of joy.

Next, the Huber limo appears and Ty Pennington welcomes Howie, Jesse, Henry, and Rosie back. Howie is re-introduced to Janie Shulties, the woman he saved, who tells him how much he deserves to have the new house.

The bus is moved and the house is revealed. Howie and his wife exclaim over what a cool house it is – it’s bright green! They thank the guys from Builders Commonwealth, Patricia Heaton, and the design team. Ty then tells them to go check out their home!

Inside, they marvel over the spacious, richly decorated living area and kitchen. Jesse remarks that the old place was a money pit, and that now they will be able to live and enjoy being a family. When Ty comes in, Henry tells him he thinks the house is amazing! They look at the herb garden in the kitchen, and the concrete wall behind the woodstove. Howie is glad to see the stove there – it was the heart of their old house. Ty points out the wood pallet coffee table and chairs made from reused fire hose!

Upstairs, Henry is thrilled with his outdoor room and mountain bunk bed, where he feels he can have a new adventure everyday! Henry says Paige does an awesome job! Rosie is shown her new magical bug room – she loves it. Ty then takes Howie and Jessica to see their master bedroom – it is earthy, calm, and spacious. Jesse calls it a sanctuary, and they are impressed that Eduardo used the trees from the yard in making the bed. They share a laugh in the ensuite bathroom as they discuss how everything now goes where it’s supposed to go!


Next, the entire Huber family goes outside to see the new backyard. Henry is super excited over his new treehouse and play set. The vegetable garden is still there, and a fire pit has been added. Another highlight is the new chicken coop – which Howie declares to be better than the family’s old house was! Back inside, the family is joined by members of the fire department, and then directed back outside for another round of thank yous, and a peek at the donated wind turbine! Ty ends it as he always does, saying, “Welcome home Huber family, welcome home!”

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