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Survivor: Samoa — Betsy Boils The Game Down

September 27, 2009 10:12 AM by Ryan Haidet


The evil strategy of Russell Hantz has struck again — 48-year-old police officer Betsy Bolan was the second person to have her torch snuffed out on Survivor: Samoa.  During a conference call with reporters, Betsy talked about the difference between evil Russell and bad Ben before chatting about how many times she applied to get on the show.  Betsy, a married mother of four from Campton, New Hampshire, also discussed what move in the game she thinks could have saved her from elimination.

Russell Vs. Ben

When asked about Russell, Betsy didn’t hold back anything.  “Russell — you can’t put into words, you just gotta look at him,” she said.  “Idiot.  I probably liked him the first five minutes when he told me he was a fireman.  OK, Cool.  Great alliance.  And then probably after two more minutes, I’m thinking I have a heart and soul — he doesn’t have either one.  So he’s definitely not a fireman.  I don’t like Russell at all.”


But one other villain on the Foa Foa tribe was actually somebody Betsy liked.  “Ben, I do like believe it or not.”  She said that he simply needs to respect his elders a little bit more.  “It’ll come with time I hope, because he is 28 now that I think of it.  So he should probably get a grasp of it by now.  He just opens his mouth without thinking.  And they played it down — the Tribal Council he really was a real jerk and they played that down — they edited a lot out.  Jeff Probst had so much patience with him — he really did.  At least there’s hope for Ben.  There’s no hope for Russell.”


Figuring Evil Out

Early on in the game, Betsy had figured out that Russell H. wasn’t exactly who he portrayed.  But why couldn’t she get everybody else on her tribe to believe that?  “I didn’t have really great proof that he was a snake, it was just a feeling that I had,” she explained.  “I didn’t know he was emptying the canteens, I didn’t know he was burning socks.  I didn’t have real proof that he was an idiot — I just knew he was.  And I didn’t have solid evidence to prove to Natalie, Ashley and Liz that he was as low as you can be.  I did try, but they would not even seem like they wanted to calculate it.  Their minds just closed down, they didn’t want to hear it.  I don’t know how he did it, but he definitely cast them under his spell.”


You read that right.  Betsy said nobody knew he was emptying their fresh water out of the canteens.  “At that time, ’cause it happened so quick into the game, we didn’t mark our canteens.  People were just drinking out of whatever canteen was full.  So we just assumed that all of us were drinking the water.  Nobody figured out that, wait a minute.  After that, we marked our own canteens.”  Betsy first learned about his actions when she saw the commercials for the show.

What Could Have Saved Her

Even though Betsy said she couldn’t stand Russell H., she believes that working with him strategically may have pushed her farther in the game.  “I really hate to say it, just to go along with Russell and just smile and nod and say, ‘Yes, I’m with you.’  But see, that would have killed me.  I don’t think I could’ve done it.  It was too hard, I couldn’t even stand next to him.”

Another thing that was tough for Betsy to deal with while on the show was the other women on her tribe.  “I was definitely the outcast.  Absolutely.  It was very hard for me.  They banded together immediately, and I went more with Mike, Mick and Marisa.  They were always, always, always together.  And it was just like a clique in high school — you try to get inside a clique, and it’s hard.”


Getting Selected

Survivor fanatics will be pleased to hear that Betsy is a big fan of the show.  She didn’t get noticed by casting producers at a bar, she was actually chosen from a videotape. “I just wanted to get a little vacation when the kids are younger.  This was the only way I knew I was going to get a vacation.  And it just looked wonderful without doing laundry or cooking or anything like that.  That’s how it started and then I just couldn’t stop ’cause I watched the show more and more.  I was like, ‘I love it.  I love it.  I gotta be there.  That should be me.’  Then on my 13th tape, they finally came to see the light that ‘Yes!  This is the girl.’  But this was going to be my last tape, I wasn’t going to do another tape after this.  But I did say that after the 5th tape and the 6th tape and the 7th tape.”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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