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The Locator: A Niece’s Gift

September 27, 2009 08:15 AM by Christine McDow


Stephanie contacts The Locator and sets out to help her aunt, Donna, find the daughter she gave up for adoption 41 years before.  The Locator, Troy, jumps on a plane to CA to meet Stephanie and Donna, to find out if he could help them.

Donna tells Troy how she was kicked out of the house when she was pregnant and lived at a Salvation Army center until her daighter was born.  We also then learned that the father of the baby was black and that Donnas father was a huge racist who never knew who the father of his grand child was.  For the next decade and a half Donna was addicted to drugs and lived on the street.  The Locator notices that Donna needs to forgive herself and sets out to find her daughter.  Troy tells her that she made the right decision giving up her daughter.  Donna is now a drug and alcohol counselor and has been for over two decades.  She also became infertile and had no more children of her own.

Stephanie clearly loves her aunt and wants her to be happy.

Donna then tells Troy that several years before a woman had called her up claiming to be her daughter and that Donna was thrilled.  It was a great thing to happen.  The girl then found out that the county made a mistake and that Donna was not her mother crushing both women.  The girl never called Donna again.

Troy calls his own mother and gives him the only information he has and is very excited to possibly reunite this mother with her daughter after 41 years.  After a search they discover that the baby was given the name of Gail Harris when she was adopted and that there are 255 matches in the US.  After splitting up the leads Troy’s mom finds a Gail Harris that sounds like it is the one and puts her on the phone with Troy.  Gail shares with Troy that she does not know who her biological parents are but that she was thinking of calling Troy as well.  She lives very close to her biological mother in CA.


When they meet Gail told Troy that she found out when she was 10 that she was adopted.  She was raised by a very loving couple and was raised well.  Gail is a mother herself and wants to know if her biological mother is ok with the fact that she gave up her child.  Says that if it was because she knew she couldn’t give her a good life that she applauds her.

Troy takes Gail to meet her mother and lets her know a little bit about her mothers history.  Troy informs Gail that waiting in this building is her cousin Stephanie, her mother Donna and her grandmother who was there when Gail was born.  The Locator then goes in to break the news to Donna that he has found her daughter.  He takes Donna aside and tells her that she is someone he will never forget.  Donna breaks down in tears when Troy tells her that Gail is there.  Donna is shocked and Gail reaches out to give her a hug.  Stephanie then introduces herself and Gail thanks her.  Then Gail gets to meet her grandmother.

Gail tells Donna that she was going to look for her but that she was afraid of rejection.  Gail assures her mom that she is not mad at her and that she was raised by a wonderful family.  Then Gail’s husband and children come up to meet her mother and their grandmother.

During some private time Donna shares more about why she gave up Gail and how she always thought about her.  The update we receive states that the pair are forming a bond and that ever diligent cousin Stephanie is setting up a family reunion for the whole family.

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