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The Locator: A Son Searches For Answers

September 27, 2009 07:17 AM by Christine McDow


NFL great Paul Spicer contacted The Locator to try and find his father Charles Spicer whom he never knew.  Paul who is now a father of his own wants to see if finding his father through The Locator will help him find closure in his life and possibly become a better father himself.

The Locator, Troy, finds out that Charles Spicer passed away in the mid-90′s and takes off searching for a family member, all the while keeping the news that Paul is a player for the New Orleans Saints a secret.

Troy got a hold of Charles’ sister who sent him to Austin to meet Charles brother Edgar and sister Nanette who was close to Charles.  He then meets with a woman named Christina who is Charles daughter.  Troy’s hope is to build a family reunion of sorts for Paul so that he can get to know who his father was.  Troy finds out that Christina, like Paul, grew up without a father as well.  Troy asks Christina if she would like to join in on the journey to meet her family which she says she would.  At this point there is a very touching introduction between Edgar, Annette and Christina.

Troy then heads back to Paul to give him both the good news and the bad news about his father and family.  Paul is sad to find out that his father has in fact passed away.  Troy gives Paul a picture of his father  and there is definitely a family resemblance.  Paul wonders what you are supposed to feel for someone you never met, but want to meet, but won’t get the opportunity too.  Paul asks about any extended family and Troy fills him in on the extended family he has found.  Paul says something is better than nothing and that it helps.

The Locator then informs Paul that his aunt, uncle and sister are waiting in his front yard to meet him.  Paul is shocked and doesn’t seem quite sure what to do, then he grabbed his wife’s hand and said, “Come on,” and they head out to the yard to meet his family.  As always, Troy then walks off.

The family gets to know each other and are shocked when Paul informs them that he has played in the NFL for a decade.   Paul tells his family how much it hurt that no one ever showed up for his games as he grew up…how he felt to be all alone.  Paul then tells his family that his wish has come true.

At the end we find out that not only has Paul connected with some of his other brothers and sisters, but that Edgar and Nanette were at the game he played in Texas in Austin to cheer him on.

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