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Flipping Out: Is It Finally Splitsville For Ryan And Jeff?

September 29, 2009 09:35 PM by Britteny Elrick


When Jeff Lewis confronts Ryan about the clients he has been stealing from him, he learns that Ryan is planning on opening a second office in Santa Barbara. Now that Jeff’s suspicion is at an all time high, he is watching Ryan like a hawk.  Of course, that isn’t very different from how he normally watches him anyway.  On top of the Ryan drama, Jeff also has to nearly break up with a needy client, and put his Valley Oak home on the market.  Find out what else happened on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out

Later on, Jeff goes to check up on the Skytop property, where he learns to bite his tongue as the days of telling people to F-off are over.  Dang you, economy.  Then Jeff decides to put money into his remaining flip, Valley Oak, where he is currently living.  He hopes to take a small loss by selling and then use that money to re-invest. His financial advisor tells him that we’re headed for another financial crisis in a couple years, and he tells her he’s going to hang himself.


The clan gets ready for the Valley Oak open house, and of course Zoila and Jeff have words about her cleaning duties. He makes some minor adjustments and hopes to see if anyone would offer him what he wants. Out of the middle of nowhere, Ryan tells Jeff that he’s moving his office to Santa Barbara. Jeff is suspicious, considering Ryan has gotten so much business from that area that now he’s moving.  Paranoia is at an all-time high.

Jeff tells the owners of Skytop that he is now only in charge of the design projects, because they are too needy for him.  He instructs them that they will be making construction decisions from now on, but he isn’t officially breaking up with them just yet. Hold your horses, they aren’t gone yet though. Jeff gets a call from the client, who tells him that his electrician showed up unannounced when they were participating in an “afternoon delight.”


Jeff is still bantering with Ryan about moving to Santa Barbara. He tells him it’s stupid to expand business in this economy.  Then he tells him that he supports him, however, the worst part will be when he has to tell him he told him so.

The next day Jeff discovers that Ryan took all the credit for the Valley Oak house in the magazine article and he is fed up. He invites Ryan over for a chat and asks him about the article.  Ryan tells him that he did the majority of the design on the house, meanwhile Jeff flips out and tells him that all the furniture is his. Jeff also tells him that he is offended he’s gotten business by using his name and that he is the one who made him rich.  Ryan tells Jeff that if he doesn’t trust him, he should cut him out of his life.

Ryan tells him he has nothing to hide, but Jeff simply tells him “good luck.”  Ryan storms out.


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