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Hell’s Kitchen Finally Sheds Some Dead Weight

September 29, 2009 07:15 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen is down to the Top 5 and believe it or not, the girls outnumber the guys. Who have ever thought that a one-armed chef, in Dave, a contentious disliked chef in Suzanne, an outspoken chef in Tennille and two chefs who have managed to fly under the radar in Kevin and Ariel, would be the five left standing. My, my, it has been a strange one on Hell’s Kitchen this season.

Chef Ramsay met the chefs after the usual evening bitch session with the focus of Tennille’s throwing Van under the bus being the highlight. The first individual challenge was all about presentation as the chefs were to make great food that looked good. Chef Ramsay brought in some heavy hitting judges form Bon Appetite magazine.


The judges were to critique the look of the dishes with the top two being judges by Ramsay and the editor of Bon Appetite, Barbara Fairchild. The top two to be tasted were, Kevin and Ariel, and it came down to which tasted the best. Both dishes were a hit, with both being judged the winners sending them off to a reward together.

Judge Ramsay could not pick a loser as he said both dishes were a success. The remaining chefs were relegated to the usual punishment of doing the grunt work around the kitchen and picking up garbage on LA streets. Dave aggravated his wrist again while sweeping and Kevin was doing his level best to convince Dave to quit but Dave was relentless in his determination to stay to the end.

Kevin was taking leadership role in the kitchen as he knew this was the time to step up. The other chefs were a bit put off with his new assertiveness and Ramsay was confident in their ability to finish dinner service tonight.


The tickets poured in and Tennille cursed at Dave, which caused Chef Ramsay was not impressed with the lack of teamwork and the lack of communication. Tennille was her usual cocky self and failed with overcooked risotto and Suzanne’s scallops were an epic fail as well.

Dave sent successful appetizers and Kevin, in a rare misstep, cooked his rice poorly and it looked as if service was doomed at the outset. Chef Ramsay called the chefs together when he got raw meat and kicked the garbage can in disgust. Again, the one-armed chef, Dave, seemed the only one who had a consistent bone in his body, even though it was broken.


Chef Ramsay said that they were so inconsistent as a group and he was shocked that the group was unable to pull it together. Kevin managed to pull himself together and stepped it up a bit as the leader as he took over the kitchen flow. Chef Ramsay called out Ariel to the dining room to do a little embarrassing in front of the customers and then called them all together and told them to tell them to pull it all together and finish strong.

The chefs managed to finish the dinner service, although not to Chef Ramsay’s exacting standards. Chef Ramsay said they did not come together as a team and told them to collectively pick two to go before Chef Ramsay. Suzanne was on the hot seat initially and the group finally settled on Ariel and Suzanne to face Chef Ramsay.


Suzanne’s forth trip to the firing line and Ariel was said to have gotten worse by Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay said that truthfully both should go but that Suzanne’s forth trip up to the firing line was her last.

Chef Ramsay told Tennille had dodged the bullet tonight and that the group has got to bounce back and finished by saying that Suzanne “Had a red jacket, a blue jacket, a black jacket and now she had no jacket.”

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One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen Finally Sheds Some Dead Weight”

  1. Huge wang Says:
    September 29th, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Am I the only one that hates tennilles loud mouth. She has got to be the most annoying person in the world. I don`t have a clue why she is still on here. She has been up for elimination 3 times. And every time they vote for the people to go to elimination she is nominated and then runs her loud mouth. She is by far the worst supposed chef on the show.


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