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The Biggest Loser Loses A Bunch Of Weight With Two Being Eliminated

September 29, 2009 08:16 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser contestants, fresh from their domination of the week two doldrums, find their little paradise will be turned upside down this week as, not only will they have to be challenged to train on their own, but they will lose one and maybe even two by the time it is all said and done. Admittedly, it was quite impressive to see them smash the expectations from last week’s episode, but reality can be a real bite-in-the butt when there is no safety in numbers as before.

Host, Allison Sweeney greeted the Losers and told them that this was a week of “Would You Rather.” Essentially, would they rather have their trainers or an advantage at the weigh-in. The advantage was a two pound advantage at the weigh-in and Coach Mo was surprised when Tracey took it. Really? Two pounds? Worth it or not…I think not.


When the Losers get inside, the wrath of Bob and Jillian was apparent as they were lectured about making hasty decisions, especially at this stage of the game and left the losers to stew about it for awhile.

The challenge was all about choices and Allison told the Losers that whoever ate the most cupcakes would get to control the game by choosing whose weight would count at the weigh-in. Several of the Losers did not want to upset the others this early in the game, except Tracy, who is determined not to endear herself to any of the other Losers, especially her partner, Coach Mo.

The funniest line of the night happened during the challenge when Red Team member, Sean said that he “Wanted to take the cupcakes and rub them all over his body. ” Oh great, now I’ve got to poke out that picture in my mind’s eye with a fork. Tracey once again took over the power by eating four cupcakes and becoming the arbiter of who would count at the weigh-in.


Of course Bob and Jillian are concerned about stupid decisions and Tracey, of all people, was the one to make them, although 400 calories is not a huge bad decision. But at this stage, it is not so much about losing weight as it is about changing mindsets.

The Last Chance Workout was even more of a focus than usual as the stakes started to hit home to the Losers. Jillian was savaging the Losers and pointed out the difference between her and Bob as she said that she was the mean parent and Bob was the nice parent.

Bob’s Last Chance Workout was Amanda who he recognized as one who was slacking the most. Amanda’s constant “I can’ts” was irritating Bob to no end and when Amanda finished her latest “I can’t”, Bob said “Don’t say I can’t again; It pisses me off.”


Daniel was having trouble thinking that Tracey could determine either him or Shay could weigh in for his team. Daniel was confident in his ability in pulling bigger numbers and then the teams, one by one went in to appeal to Tracey as to who should go up on the scale.

The Weigh-In

Allison talked about the challenges and that Tracey had all of the power at tonight’s weigh-in. Tracey said she wouldn’t make the same decisions again and Jillian spoke out that Coach Mo was not a great team mate and that Tracey was not looking out for him. Jillian then got even more vocal when she was bleeped out because she said something naughty about Tracey’s inability to learn anything.

The green team, Abby and Allen lost 5 and 4 pounds, but they had immunity.

Black Team, Julio, lost 7 pounds for a 1.87% weight-loss

Brown Team, Liz and Danny, lost 4 and 4 pounds but only Liz’s counted for a 1.62% weight loss

Blue Team, Rudy and Dina, lost 12 and 3 pounds, for a 3.00% weight loss from Rudy

Pink Team, Amanda and Rebecca, lost 5 and 7 pounds, for a 2.08% with Amanda’s weight loss

Red Team, Antoine and Sean, lost 11 and 6 pounds, but only Sean’s counted giving them a 1.46% weight loss

Orange Team, Daniel and Shay, lost 6 and 6 pounds, for a 1.35% weigh loss with Shay’s being the one that counted

Purple Team, Tracey and Coach Mo, lost 11 and 1 pounds, but Tracey’s counted giving them a 5.26% weight loss, keeping them safe.

The Red Team and the Orange Team were sent below the yellow line and begging for their weight-loss lives. The biggest players, Shay and Daniel, seemed to be the better choice to stay as the most deserving to stay. The Red Team said they both had a strong support team at home and suggested that they be sent home in one of the most impassioned pleas ever on the Biggest Loser.

the-biggest-loser-season-8-sean goes home

At elimination, no matter how much drama NBC tried to show us, the Red Team had their freezer lights extinguished, giving Shay and Daniel another week to make their mark.


Sean has lost 120 pounds since leaving the ranch and Antione had managed to drop 105 pounds on his journey since leaving the ranch making the assertion of the pair that they could indeed do it at home.

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